The past year has been rife with digital supply chain attacks—SolarWinds, CodeCov, and now Kaseya. When will it end? The sad answer is, it won’t. That’s why you must know who is in your digital supply chain and whether they meet your company’s security controls, regulations and risk appetite. Without continuous monitoring, it’s almost impossible to know who your company is doing business with and what their impact is to your organization’s security posture.

Your employees are already signing up for cloud-based services you might not know about, those services may have vulnerabilities you might not know about, or be connected to other suppliers who have vulnerabilities you might not know about. That’s a lot of not knowing.

To help you know, Panorays is offering free discovery of the vendors in your digital supply chain and whether Kaseya is on the list. All you need to do is tell us your website domain, and we will automatically and non-intrusively discover all of the third parties related to your organization—providing you with an accurate image of your company’s attack surface.

Panorays’ third-party security management platform automatically identifies your third parties as well as their vendors (your fourth parties), giving you clear insight into their security posture.

Want to get visibility and control over your third parties? It all starts with knowing who you are doing business with. Find out with Panorays today!