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New Guide: Learn the BRAVE Approach to Automating Third-Party Security
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New Guide: Learn the BRAVE Approach to Automating Third-Party Security

By Yaffa Klugerman Mar 14, 20192 min read

Third-party data breaches can wreak havoc on organizations. Such incidents are increasing in severity and take place across all industries, including healthcare, government and eCommerce.

With increases in the number of third parties, sophisticated hacking techniques and hefty data privacy regulation penalties, the problem is likely to only get worse. For these reasons, third-party security is a pressing concern for organizations.

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How can you take control of your third-party security management?

Automation is the answer, and that’s where our latest guide, The BRAVE Approach: Understanding Automated Third-Party Security, can help. In it, you can read about five key features that automation of third-party security offers.

These features include:

1. Breadth: Third parties can be evaluated in a comprehensive and thorough manner.

2. Rapid onboarding: Companies can rapidly scale suppliers, accomplishing in hours what would take several weeks of manual processes.

3. Adherence: Evaluations can be tailored to adhere to specific company policies and specifications.

4. Visibility: All parties involved in third-party security can receive live alerts and access details easily.

5. Engagement: Team members can easily engage and interact with each other on the same platform, regardless of location or role.

Using this approach, we show you how companies and third parties can easily and securely work together.

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Yaffa Klugerman

Yaffa Klugerman is Director of Content Marketing at Panorays. She enjoys writing about the cyber world, drinking too many cappuccinos and arguing about the use of serial commas.

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