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On the Radar: Omdia Report Highlights Panorays’ Unique Solution
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On the Radar: Omdia Report Highlights Panorays’ Unique Solution

By Hen Amartely Sep 09, 20211 min read

Omdia has just released its new “On the Radar” report featuring Panorays: “Panorays Offers Third-Party Security Risk Management.” 

This report takes a look at Panorays’ unique approach towards third-party security risk management. Omdia notes that unlike other solution providers, Panorays combines automated security questionnaires with external attack surface assessments and business context to provide organizations with an accurate view of supplier cyber risk, while facilitating the entire third-party security risk management process. 

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Rik Turner, Principal Analyst of Emerging Technologies at Omdia, said: 

“Panorays supports both the questionnaire and security ratings approaches in its platform, factoring in the business impact of the relationship under analysis. It enables its customers to analyze the risk profile of partners and suppliers on an ongoing basis, determining the frequency with which checks are carried out, up to and including continuous monitoring. The platform also enables collaboration between customers and their vendor partners to improve the overall attack surface, thereby reducing risk and bolstering compliance. As such, it supports the whole flow of TPSRM as it is currently practiced.”

Read the report to learn more about:

  • How Panorays is uniquely positioned to address the third-party security risk management challenge
  • Panorays’ product offering and future product strategy 
  • Why Omdia thinks Panorays should be on your radar 

Omdia is a global technology research firm, established following the merger of the research division of Informa Tech (Ovum, Heavy Reading and Tractica) and the IHS Markit Technology research portfolio.

Read the report now, no registration required. 

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Hen Amartely

Hen Amartely is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Panorays. She loves messaging, product launches, and referencing Harry Potter on important occasions.

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