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Why Cyber Risk is Financial Risk
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Why Cyber Risk is Financial Risk

By Aviva Spotts Nov 03, 20212 min read

To avoid costly mistakes, financial institutions such as institutional investors, private equity firms, venture capital firms, mutual funds and underwriters perform a thorough examination of an organization before investing in it. Aside from evaluating things like management, size of market, an organization’s business model and a product’s competitive edge, financial investors also assess the risk level before financially backing any entity for their portfolio.

Investing in companies is risky business, so it’s imperative that you fully understand and are properly weighing all the risks, including cyber risk. Why is that important? Because cyber risk can impact the performance of your investment. This concern is causing investors to think twice before making any financial commitments, because they worry about inheriting an organization’s vulnerabilities through a merger, acquisition or a costly breach. 

So how can you gain visibility into the cyber risk within your portfolio and prioritize how to address that risk? We’ve made it easy by creating this new guide to help detect cyber risk within your portfolio and potential acquisitions.

What you will learn in this guide

Our new guide, Managing Cyber Risk for Optimal Performance Outcomes, examines the process for managing cyber risk as an element of financial risk, regardless of whether that’s related to equity investments, venture funding or mergers and acquisitions.

Much like bringing a new vendor on board, you want to vet the security risks of your financial investments to ensure they don’t impact performance. To start, it helps to identify and prioritize the cyber gaps of the companies in which you wish to invest, as well as how to automate the remediation of risk.

Panorays can help

Panorays provides an unparalleled view of cyber risk according to your risk appetite that can help you make better acquisition decisions and influence your negotiations. In addition, when your acquired company becomes part of your ecosystem, Panorays assesses the security of your acquisition’s third parties, business partners and subsidiaries to identify any possible cyber gaps. 

Panorays continuously monitors and evaluates your potential and current acquisitions, and you receive live alerts about any security changes or breaches. That way, you can be sure that your acquisitions’ security evaluation is always current and aligned with your security and compliance requirements and standards.

Download the guide today!

Aviva Spotts

Aviva Spotts is Content Writer at Panorays. She loves all things cyber–especially when she gets to write about it–and is famous for talking about herself in the third-person.

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