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Gain Visibility Into Your
Vendors’ Digital Perimeter

Panorays non-intrusively evaluates your vendors’ attack surface through the analysis of externally available data.
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Cyber Posture Rating

The external attack surface assessment is completed within hours, providing vendors with a rating between 0-100 representing their cyber posture.

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Comprehensive Analysis

Panorays performs hundreds of tests, such as collecting information on exposed assets or a lack of security best practices. Tests are performed to assess three different layers:

Network & IT: web, e-mail and DNS servers, TLS protocols, asset reputation, cloud solutions and other exposed services.

Application: web applications, CMS, domain attacks, etc.

Human: employees’ attack surface, social posture, presence of a dedicated security team, etc.

Key Features

If suppliers feel that any data is inaccurate, they can easily dispute the findings with a click. Panorays validates the data internally within 24 hours, accepts or rejects the claim and updates the findings. The supplier’s rating is then automatically updated accordingly.

Panorays is the only platform that considers the effect of human behavior when calculating cybersecurity ratings, including social media presence and employee security awareness.

Panorays continuously monitors and evaluates your supplier, and you receive live alerts about any security changes or breaches to your third parties.

Panorays saves you time by automatically detecting your third parties. We also automatically detect the third parties of your suppliers, also known as your fourth parties.

Panorays checks mentions of your vendor on hacker forums and other dark web marketplaces, providing deep, real-time insight about in-the-wild threats to your supply chain.

Panorays is the only platform providing both external attack surface assessments and automated questionnaires. Each assessment complements the other, enabling true verification of results for an accurate view of suppliers’ risk.

“I like that Panorays provides a quick score even before the supplier finishes the questionnaire.”
Eyal Sasson, CISO

Hundreds of teams evaluate and manage their vendors’ security with Panorays

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