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Panorays Third-Party Security Solution— Tailored to your Needs


Get an in-depth cyber risk evaluation of your vendor portfolio
Smart Questionnaire™ Rating (“Inside-Out”)
  • Automated questionnaire scoping based on business and technology relationship
  • Shared Assessments’ SIG and CSA’s CAIQ
  • Customized questionnaires
  • Customized risk weights
  • Multi-language support
Smart Questionnaire™ Rating (“Inside-Out”)
Cyber Posture Rating (“Outside-In”)
  • Global asset discovery
  • External attack surface exposure
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Industry benchmarking
  • 4th party vendors discovery
  • Human Factor
  • Dark Web Intelligence
Cyber Posture Rating (“Outside-In”)
360° Cyber Risk Rating
  • Inside-out risk rating
  • Outside-in risk rating
  • Combined “bottom-line” rating
  • Includes the Cyber Posture Rating, Smart Questionnaire™ Rating and business impact
360° Cyber Risk Rating


Streamline your vendor vetting process and cross-team collaboration
  • Invite suppliers to the platform for full transparency
  • Enable suppliers to easily report on progress
  • In-platform messaging for easier collaboration
  • Communication auto archiving
  • Set remediation plan by cyber risk goal
  • Automated customized remediation planning
  • Remediation prioritization
  • Remediation findings are automatically verified and reflected in ratings


Achieve continuous visibility into the cyber risk state of your vendors
Reporting and Dashboards
  • Cybersecurity team operational view
  • Risk management view
  • Board view
  • Compliance and standards reporting
  • Customized dashboards and reports
Reporting and Dashboards
  • Workflow updates such as progress tracking
  • Workflow updates for vendors
  • Rating changes
  • New findings
  • Customized alerts
Portfolio Management
  • Vendor tracking & approval (contingency approval)
  • Document management
  • Automated calculation of the vendor’s impact on your business
  • Add unlimited stakeholders
  • Customize and tag vendors, including business info
Portfolio Management

Security Program

We fit right into your TPRM program—or we can help you build one
  • GRC Platforms including ServiceNow and RSA Archer
  • Ticketing platforms
  • API access
Professional Services
  • Vendor portfolio onboarding and best practices
  • Third-party cyber risk program setup and guidance
  • Mapping all relevant standards and regulations into a master set of security questions
  • Industry insights, benchmarks and best practices
  • Remediation guidance
  • Assistance in tiering vendors into criticality scales
Professional Services
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Some questions you might have

What problem does Panorays solve?
Panorays aims to streamline the third-party security management process, so that organizations can easily, quickly and safely work with their vendors, suppliers and business partners while complying with regulations and standards.
What types of organizations use Panorays?
Panorays is used by client organizations in various industries including financial, banking, insurance, healthcare and technology.
What is a Smart Questionnaire™ and how can it improve my vendor onboarding process?
The automated Smart Questionnaire™ allows you to customize the questions sent to suppliers based on the context of their business relationship with your organization. You can easily send the Smart Questionnaire™, track progress, receive answers quickly and immediately view ratings.
What is the Cyber Risk Rating and how can I benefit from it?
Unique to Panorays, the Cyber Risk Rating enables security professionals and stakeholders to make quick decisions about their suppliers’ security. It represents a combined “bottom-line” rating of all of the cyber data available about a supplier on Panorays, including the Cyber Posture Rating (“outside-in”), Smart Questionnaire™ Rating (“inside-out”) and business impact.
What’s the benefit of combining all data into a single Cyber Risk Rating?
When a security team assesses a supplier, they often must sift through lots of data, which doesn’t necessarily provide actionable information. Critical findings, for example, can get lost, which hinders the team’s ability to make fast decisions about whether to work with a supplier or not.

The Cyber Risk Rating addresses this problem by considering real-time factors like critical findings to provide an updated status of the right now, rather than general security hygiene. It provides a rapid overview of the supplier’s security based on the organization’s standards and the context of the business relationship.
How does Panorays use business context to improve the vendor vetting process?
With Panorays, security assessments are directly related to the context of the business relationship. For example, a vendor that brings paper to the office is probably less of a risk than one that connects to an organization’s mail systems. In addition, a vendor that does business in Europe would probably need to comply with GDPR.

The security questions that the vendor must respond to should reflect these situations accordingly. Panorays saves organizations time and resources by customizing questionnaires so that vendors only answer the questions that are relevant to their particular situation.
How does Panorays compare to other SRS solutions?
Unlike other solutions, Panorays’ rapid context-based security ratings are based on an “outside-in” simulated hacker’s view of assets, combined with an “inside-out” view that checks that the supplier adheres to your internal company security policies and complies with regulations. It’s the only platform that provides organizations with a rapid bottom-line view of a vendor’s cyber risk. Finally, Panorays continuously monitors and evaluates the supplier, and you receive live alerts about any security changes or breaches to your third parties.
How can Panorays help my organization with regulatory compliance?
Panorays makes it easy for organizations to check their suppliers for compliance to regulations like GDPR, NYDFS and security standards like NIST, ISO 2700x and PCI DSS. By checking a few boxes and defining your suppliers’ criticality and how your company interacts with it, Panorays generates a customized questionnaire that considers relevant regulations and standards and grades the supplier’s responses according to compliance and alignment.

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