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The Third-Party Incident
Response Playbook

A practical guide to protecting against and
preparing for a possible vendor cyber breach

The Third-Party Incident Response Playbook

It’s often easier for cybercriminals to infiltrate a target organization’s systems and data through its vendors, who typically have fewer security roadblocks than the larger organizations they service. We’ve unfortunately seen this with recent large-scale supply chain cyberattacks on companies such as Microsoft Exchange, Accellion, SolarWinds, Codecov and more. Such incidents send cybersecurity professionals and business owners a strong and harrowing message: No company is immune.

Have you ever considered what could happen if one of your vendors was breached and the impact that would have on your business? Have you considered what your response would be if your organization was the victim of a cyberattack through one of your third parties?

This playbook will help you:

  • Understand why third-party security is critically important
  • Prepare for a possible supply chain cyberattack
  • Recognize signs that may indicate a possible third-party cyberattack
  • Respond and recover from such an incident

Download the playbook now to learn the important steps your organization should take to strengthen your cyber resilience.

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