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The CISO’s Guide
Choosing an Automated
Security Questionnaire Platform

6 must-have functionalities for automating third-party risk management

Choosing an Automated Security Questionnaire Platform

Failing to adequately conduct vendor security assessment can lead to data breaches that can shut down operations, damage customer trust and incur hefty regulatory penalties. An automated security questionnaire platform will vastly accelerate the vendor security assessment process. But buyer beware: not all automated questionnaires are created equal.

So, what are the must-have features you should look for in your security questionnaire platform? This guide covers the top six, including:

  • Effective Prioritization: Context-based questions that tierweigh vendors based on their potential business impact to your company
  • Easy Scaling: The ability to easily send and track hundreds of questionnaires and responses to efficiently communicate with your vendors
  • Supreme Accuracy: Verifiable vendor responses that corroborate assessments of your vendors’ external-facing digital assets

Download the guide now to stay ahead of evolving third-party risk and make your program more cost effective and efficient.

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