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Control Third-Party Cyber Risk

Seamlessly evaluate and manage your third-party risk
from a single, unified platform.
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Customers logos

Automating Third-Party Risk Management

Get comprehensive third-party risk ratings with security questionnaires, external attack surface assessments, and automated workflows.

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Accelerating Third-Party Risk Management

Enabling Trust Between Companies

Confidently onboard new suppliers and efficiently monitor changes to their cyber risk levels.

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Enabling Trust Between Companies

Reducing Supply Chain Risk

Stay ahead of real-time threats and respond to cyber risk events with complete visibility across your entire digital supply chain.

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Reducing Supply Chain Risk

What We Deliver

+60% Faster Third-Party
9 Days To Onboard New
99.4% Risk Rating

Customers Across the Globe Rely on Panorays to Manage Third-Party Risk

“The platform is intuitive and very easy to use, and I like how we can customize questionnaires and get quick answers from our third parties.”
“When you have a product like Panorays, you gain greater confidence about your vendor due diligence because you are able to dig deeper than you possibly can when you have a manual process … The platform gives me a holistic view of looking at a vendor and removes the manual effort away from having to plug away for hours to get that information.”
“Supply chain risk is becoming one of the most important areas of security and Panorays helps security teams move to that next step very easily—in a way they wouldn’t have been able to do before. Panorays is disrupting the space and changing the game for cybersecurity risk management for suppliers.”
“With Panorays, we have a more comprehensive view of our suppliers. We have a better understanding of who we are dealing with, what are their levels of security and privacy, what permissions they need and what data they use. We can then review all of the data we’ve gathered on suppliers and make an informed decision about how to proceed.”
“Panorays has definitely made our process more efficient. We get our deals done faster, we’ve improved our success rate, and we don’t need an expert to process documents…If there is a problem, I am told about it. If there’s no problem, then there’s nothing I need to do.”

Efficiency Without the Compromise

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Identify and classify third parties by inherent risk
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Customize vendor evaluations based on your risk appetite
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Reduce security gaps and efficiently mitigate risks with third parties
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Get notified on cyber posture changes and respond to threats

River Island Customer Story

See how River Island uses Panorays to view, remediate and communicate business risks across the organization.

The Fastest and Easiest Way
to Do Business Together, Securely