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The CISO’s Guide to
Rapid Vendor Due Diligence

Vendor security assessment does not have to be so time consuming

Rapid Vendor Due Diligence Guide

Vendors are at the heart of many companies’ operations, and this is only becoming more true. At the same time, the third-party risk management lifecycle has been complicated by new cybersecurity concerns incurred while onboarding new vendors.

Security professionals have therefore shifted focus to third-party security risk management, insisting vendors demonstrate and maintain a strong cyber posture. Yet vendor due diligence can be challenging and tedious. This guide explains how it can be done most efficiently, by:

  • Determining criticality and prioritization of vendors through tiering
  • Analyzing the vendor attack surface with continuous monitoring
  • Quickly generating customized questionnaires tailored to each third party

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With Panorays, the vendor onboarding process has improved significantly. We save time and effort, and we have peace of mind knowing that our third-party security is being assessed and continuously monitored.