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How to Create Scalable Vendor Security Questionnaires

Reduce risk, while also reducing time and effort

Scalable Vendor Security Questionnaires Guide

To prevent data breaches throughout your supply chain, organizations must adopt a thorough third-party risk management framework. One important method used for verifying regulatory compliance is the completion of a security questionnaire; such as a GDPR Vendor Assessment Questionnaire, for example. However, this process can be time-consuming, expensive and tedious. Unnecessarily complex questionnaires with redundant or irrelevant vendor survey questions lengthen the third-party risk management lifecycle and as such, hinder business.

How can organizations make vendor questionnaires more effective? This guide covers essential steps, including:

  • How to identify standards and regulations
  • How to scope your questionnaire
  • How to determine areas of material risk
  • How to calculate inherent risk and tier third parties

Ready to take your business to the next level? Download our guide today and learn how to streamline your vendor security assessments for better scalability and reduced risk.

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