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The CISO’s Guide:
Third-Party Security
Risk Management

Everything you need to build an effective third party risk management framework

CISOs Guide to Third-Party Security Management

Vendor security assessments are crucial, but riddled with challenges.

Lengthy security questionnaires consisting of irrelevant questions are a waste of your vendors’ time and yours. The third-party risk management lifecycle is slow and laborious, especially when you have tens or hundreds of vendors. Additionally, questionnaires reflect only a moment-in-time security evaluation and can be outdated almost immediately. So, how can you build an effective, efficient and scalable process that overcomes these challenges?

Download our new guide, which explains how to identify gaps in your third-party security risk management program, gain greater visibility into information security risk and easily remediate vulnerabilities. Sleep easy knowing your third-parties are not exposing you to gratuitous cyber risk.

We’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Gain an accurate picture of third-party cybersecurity risk based on the impact on your business
  • Onboard suppliers and service providers quickly and ensure they align with your security policies
  • Enable quick communication with vendors to easily remediate risk in your third-party relationships

Download this guide and start building your comprehensive, third-party security risk program today!

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With Panorays, the vendor onboarding process has improved significantly. We save time and effort, and we have peace of mind knowing that our third-party security is being assessed and continuously monitored.