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2024 CISO Survey for
Third-Party Cyber Risk Priorities

Empowering CISOs with Insights to Navigate the Evolving Landscape

2024 CISO Survey for Third-Party Cyber Risk Priorities

In 2024, third-party risk management emerges as a paramount concern for enterprises. The growing complexity of supply chains, accelerated digital transformation, and widespread SaaS adoption have hindered visibility into multiple layers of third-party relationships.

Gain insights from 200 US based CISOs across multiple industries and get the knowledge needed to navigate these challenges.

Key Findings:

  • 94% of CISOs are concerned about third-party cybersecurity threats.
  • There is no silver bullet to manage third-party cybersecurity threats.
  • As regulation over AI grows, CISOs know they need to get prepared.
  • 61% of CISOs believe AI could prevent more than 50% of third-party breaches.
  • Budget to manage third-party risk is growing, and CISOs have a long wish list.

Download the survey for an in-depth understanding of the evolving landscape of third-party cybersecurity threats and start strengthening your third-party risk management today.

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