Case Studies

Walkme logo

WalkMe received a comprehensive view of supplier security posture while significantly reducing vetting time.

Challenge: Manual third-party security management process
Solution: Continuous monitoring that combines the outside-in with the inside-out


  • Continuous monitoring with live alerts
  • Reduced time spent verifying answers
  • Improved quality of security evaluations
Sapiens offices

Sapiens eliminated manual security questionnaires, allowing for the easy and rapid scalability of its business partners.

Challenge: Lengthy vendor auditing process
Solution: Intuitive automated security assessments

Added Value:

  • Rapid and thorough assessment of 200+ vendors
  • Improved vendor engagement
  • Superior customer success interaction
Payoneer Offices

Payoneer achieved GDPR readiness by dramatically reducing security assessment time.

Challenge: GDPR compliance and lack of scalability
Solution: Customized automated security assessments

Added Value:

  • Rapid assessment of 200+ vendors
  • Improved vendor engagement
  • Enhanced cyber gap detection
“Panorays has definitely made our process more efficient.”
Yair Bar-On, CEO and Co-Founder
Gett Offices

Gett shortened its supplier vetting and onboarding process so it could quickly start doing business with new partners.

Challenge: Improve manual supplier vetting
Solution: Centralized and user-friendly vendor assessments

Added Value:

  • Competitive edge
  • Rapid and thorough security evaluation of vendors
  • Centralized solution for all vendor materials
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