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Introducing Risk DNA™
A New Science for Third-Party Cybersecurity.

The only constant in business? Change. Third-party relationships evolve, dependencies shift, and your business priorities adapt. Yet Third-Party Risk Management platforms and Cyber Risk Rating solutions operate in a static, siloed environment, disconnecting security from the heartbeat of your business. Panorays addresses this gap with Risk DNA: a new, business-driven cyber security rating, revolutionizing the way you measure, manage, and reduce third-party risk.

What is Risk DNA?

Risk DNA isn’t a one-dimensional risk score. It’s a continuous, personalized assessment of the vulnerabilities resulting from each third-party connection, and the dynamic level of threats presented to your business. You can think of it as a key to unlocking the optimal, custom security blueprint for every business relationship.


The Risk DNA Difference

Panorays calculates your Risk DNA score with a nuanced analysis of millions of data points, spanning attack vectors, third-party questionnaires, and real-time threat intelligence. Then, the magic happens: Panorays filters raw findings through your company’s unique security lens, aligning outcomes with your KPIs and KRIs. This makes Panorays’ Risk DNA the industry’s most precise cyber risk rating.

External Data

Attack surface vulnerabilities
4th and 5th-party identification
Assessment and verification of questionnaires
Continuous threat intelligence
Breach history
Third-party documentation 

Your KPIs and KRIs

Business criticality
Data sensitivity
Risk appetite
Business priorities
Compliance and regulations 


Assessments reflect potential breach impacts
Elevated risk ratings for critical vendors
Configurable risk ratings, reflecting your priorities
Threat landscape mapping
by business impact 
AI-driven risk predictions

The Industry’s Only Actionable Cyber Risk Rating.

Risk DNA is a score with a purpose: finding the sweet spot between security and productivity, and automatically guiding each business relationship towards its optimal security goal.

For example, let’s say a critical vendor you rely on for customer order processing receives a poor Risk DNA score. This might raise red flags, but Panorays doesn’t stop at a customary alert. Instead, it adapts your entire security framework to deliver:

Magnifying glass icon

Deeper Asset Discovery

Uncover potentially hidden connections within the vendor’s environment and map your full risk exposure.
Eye icon

Priority Monitoring

Gain real-time insights into evolving threats and proactively address risks based on the changing risk landscape.
Flag icon

Real-time Threat Prioritization

Pinpoint the most critical risks associated with the vendor and focus your resources where they’re most needed.
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Full-Context Alerts

Clarify the scope, scale and severity of the threat and its potential consequence to your company.
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Actionable Remediation Plans

Translate findings into actionable steps and milestones for both you and the vendor.
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Risk DNA. Third-Party Security, Built for Business.

Risk DNA empowers you to scale your supply chain with confidence, knowing your security moves as fast as your business. Deeply integrated into your company’s unique business and security culture, it protects your network as an embedded insider, delivering an exceptionally personalized security framework that evolves with your business needs.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Do Business Together, Securely