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What We Do

Panorays is dedicated to eliminating third-party security risk so that companies worldwide can quickly and securely do business together.
We automate, accelerate and scale customers’ vendor security evaluation and risk management process.
With Panorays, our customers quickly and easily manage, mitigate and remediate supplier security, reduce breaches, ensure vendor compliance and improve their security across the board, resulting in efficient and effective risk remediation in alignment with their security policies and risk appetite.


Matan Or-El

Matan brings his entrepreneurial background addressing untapped markets with his experience in building enterprise-focused security solutions. In his role, he combines his technical background with business leadership and vision.

Matan established his first startup at the age of 18, and others ranging from location-based systems to cyber-security. He started Panorays with the goal of improving the industry’s cyber-resilience.

Matan Or-El

CEO & Co-Founder
Meir Antar Picture

Meir brings to Panorays his experience in introducing innovation and processes to teams, while mitigating the rippling effect of their associated costs and risk. Having led large IT teams for the past 25 years under strict deadlines and limited budget, Meir recognizes the dire need to automate processes and prove efficiency.

Meir is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Israeli Air Force. There, he held roles equivalent to CTO, CIO and Head of Innovation. His responsibilities included mission-critical applications, architecture, and security.

Meir Antar

COO & Co-Founder
Demi Ben Ari

Demi helped co-found Panorays in 2016 and serves as its CTO, responsible for managing the company’s technical infrastructure, responding to marketplace developments related to third-party security, and directing the company’s analyst relations program, among many other things. Demi brings to Panorays his expertise in building communities and networks—both online and offline. His technical background enables him to provide visibility into companies’ blind spots and build large systems to empower users through insight-sharing.

Demi is a recognized Google Developers Expert, co-founder of “Big Things”—one of the largest Big Data communities—and of the local Google Developer Group Cloud. He is a renowned international speaker, presenting Big Data solutions and distributed and scalable systems to both technical and management teams.

Previously, he worked as a Senior Data Engineer at Windward, where he migrated an on-premise solution to Amazon Web Services, transitioning it to a distributed microservices architecture using big data technologies. Demi started his military service in the IDF elite programming course in Mamram, afterwards serving in Ofek for seven years, the software unit of the IAF, where he developed a missile defense system and was in charge of various intelligence and security-related tasks during his service. 

Demi graduated from the The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo with a bachelor of sciences degree in Computer Science. In his free time, he serves as an advisory board member to multiple startup companies in deep tech and cyber security such as badook AI and others.

Demi Ben-Ari

CTO & Co-Founder
Elad Shapira Picture

Elad brings to Panorays extensive cybersecurity knowledge across all levels, from reversing and low-level hacking to Web applications and social engineering.

At Panorays, Elad and his team are responsible for mimicking hacker behavior by researching new attack techniques and vectors in order to automatically test the security posture of companies en masse. Elad is a recognized speaker, having presented at various hacking conferences such BlueHat IL, ReCon and Defcon meetups. Prior to Panorays, Elad was the Mobile Security Research Team Leader at AVG technologies.

Elad Shapira

Head of Research
Giora Omer Picture

Giora combines networking and infrastructure experience together with a strong security background.

Prior to Panorays, Giora held various roles at Imperva, from development team leader to principal engineer, responsible for researching new technologies and security solutions and introducing them into Imperva’s next generation platforms. In the past, Giora was also a cybersecurity consultant for leading enterprise and defense organizations. Giora gained his initial security experience in the Israeli Air Force as a security team leader, developing proprietary security solutions and integrating advanced security technologies into large-scale networking systems.

Giora Omer

Head of Security Architecture
Adam Feiler - VP Global Inside Sales

Adam brings to Panorays his vast experience in building hyper-growth sales teams from the ground up. With nearly a decade in senior management roles, he is an expert in developing effective sales processes as well as teaching and mentoring sales teams. As a self-proclaimed “data freak” with a passion for numbers, Adam is a metrics-driven professional.

Prior to Panorays, he built and managed sales teams at Graduway, Feedvisor, WalkMe and Panaya. Before entering the world of SaaS sales, Adam enjoyed a successful career in the financial sector. 

Adam Feiler

EVP, Global Sales
Iftach Ariav Profile Image

As an expert in customer service, Iftach leads a global team that is responsible for providing an unparalleled level of guidance and support to Panorays’ customers and partners. 

Prior to Panorays, Iftach worked in various high-profile unicorns such as Bringg and WalkMe, serving in various project management positions. He led enterprise-level multimillion dollar projects with Fortune 500 companies, and successfully coordinated highly technical implementations both remotely and onsite in North America, South America, EMEA and APAC. 

Among his notable accomplish-ments was successfully setting up a global site in London and managing its local operations and teams. 

Iftach holds a BSc in Marine Sciences from the Ruppin Academic Center, an MBA specializing in Environmental Studies from the University of Haifa and an MA in Organizational Development from the College of Management Academic Studies.

Iftach Ariav

VP Customer Success & Support
Keren Herscovici Profile Image

Keren has years of finance experience working for public multinational corporations and growing SaaS B2B startups and consulting firms. In her role at Panorays, Keren leads the finance, legal and business application teams, ensuring that the company’s finance and business operations are performed smoothly and in a scalable manner. 

Prior to Panorays, Keren managed the finance team at Cato Networks, a hyper-growth company. Before that, she worked as the Israeli accounting manager at Check Point Software Technologies, and as a valuation and strategy consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, leading projects for some of the largest companies in Israel.

Keren is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), graduated with honors from Tel Aviv University, and holds an MBA from the Kellogg-Recanati International Executive MBA Program.

Keren Herscovici

VP Finance
David Cohen - VP R&D

David brings to Panorays over 20 years of experience formulating winning product visions, successfully executing projects and delivering high-quality technology. Beyond his technical skills, David has spent more than a decade building, leading, managing and mentoring R&D and operational teams and contributing to the continuous growth and improvement of organizations. Prior to Panorays, David served as VP R&D at Optimove and HiredScore.

David holds an MSc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University and a BSc in Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University.

David Cohen


Board of Directors and Investors

We’re honored and proud to have these distinguished security luminaries and international investors backing us up. Whether it’s product strategy or funding, we’re lucky to have these partners.

Amichai Shulman

Co-Founder & former CTO, Imperva

Eden Shochat

Equal Partner, Aleph VC

Lane Bess

Former COO of ZScaler & former CEO of Palo Alto Networks


Here are a few of the many distinguished honors we've received.


Panorays board of directors and investors
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