Enterprise Security Risk Management

Mergers & Acquisitions

A company’s lack of adequate cybersecurity can introduce cyber risk to an acquiring organization, and assessing a company prior to acquisition can gauge the effort needed to bring cyber posture to an acceptable level. For these reasons, evaluating cyber risk must be an essential part of the due diligence process for any organization’s potential acquisitions.

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Understand M&A Cyber Risk

Panorays’ Cyber Risk Rating uncovers your prospective acquisitions’ attack surface while also checking their internal policies through our automated Smart Questionnaire.™ By combining the two, Panorays provides an unparalleled view of cyber risk according to your risk appetite that can help you make better acquisition decisions and influence your negotiations.

Evaluate Third Parties Post-Acquisition

When your acquired company becomes part of your ecosystem, Panorays assesses the security of your acquisition’s third parties, business partners and subsidiaries to identify any possible cyber gaps. You can then generate remediation plans to improve Cyber Risk Ratings according to your organization’s standards.

Continuously Monitor Your Portfolio

Panorays continuously monitors and evaluates your potential and current acquisitions, and you receive live alerts about any security changes or breaches. That way, you can be sure that your acquisitions’ security evaluation is always current and aligned with your security and compliance requirements and standards.

Ensure Continued Compliance

Check your prospective acquisitions’ compliance with key
regulations and frameworks including:

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“Panorays’ platform helps an acquiring organization quickly assess the security posture of acquired companies, pinpoint the critical domains that need improvement and develop a remediation plan.”

Amichai ShulmanCo-Founder

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