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Panorays Third-Party Cybersecurity Questionnaires

Panorays takes away the headache of sending and tracking security questionnaires with task automations and auto-fill response tools. With AI-driven validation and a focus on your company’s risk profile, Panorays provides a holistic way to assess vendor risk.
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Panorays' Dashboard: Cybersecurity Questionnaires

Customized Third-Party Cybersecurity Questionnaires

Simplify vendor assessments with Panorays’ customized questionnaires tailored to your specific vendor relationships and their business impact. With our auto-generated questionnaire templates, you can concentrate on the questions that really matter.

Panorays' Dashboard: Customized Questionnaires

Validated Cybersecurity Questionnaire Responses

Panorays validates questionnaire responses by comparing them with vendors’ external documents and cyber posture assessments. Any gaps are then highlighted, making it simple to review and address them.

Panorays' Dashboard: Validated Responses

Effortless Third-Party Collaboration

Panorays streamlines collaboration with your third-parties by transforming questionnaire responses into automated tasks. You can effortlessly establish due dates, receive timely reminders, and engage in convenient in-app chats for effective communication with your external vendors.

Panorays' Dashboard: Effortless Collaboration

Automate, Validate and Scale
Cybersecurity Questionnaires

Ensure Compliance

Ensure Regulation Compliance

Find out if your vendors adhere to GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations with questionnaires that reflect specific frameworks and standards.
Efficiency at Scale

Efficiency at Scale

Panorays lets you manage all of your third-party questionnaires in one easy-to-use platform so you can spend more time reducing cyber risks and less time chasing for answers.
Collaboration Made Simple

Collaboration Made Simple

Our in-app communication and task reminders make it easy to work with internal and external teams to resolve security gaps.
Accelerated Responses

Accelerated Responses

Panorays makes it simple for vendors to complete questionnaires by suggesting answers based on previous responses.

Four Steps to Seamlessly Manage Vendor Questionnaires

Panorays' Dashboard: Customize

Step 1: Customize Questionnaires

Build questionnaires from industry standard templates, or create unique questions based on third-party criticality.

Panorays' Dashboard: Automate

Step 2: Automate Questionnaire Workflows

Set up questionnaire workflows to automatically create remediation tasks, assign teammates, and approve or reject certain vendors based on their scores.

Panorays' Dashboard: Validate

Step 3: Validate Vendor Responses

Cross-reference vendor responses with cyber posture data and vendor documentation to get a comprehensive view of third-party risks.

Panorays' Dashboard: Close the Gaps

Step 4: Resolve Cybersecurity Gaps

Communicate with vendors to resolve any security gaps and keep track of all open tasks in an interactive management inventory.

Key Vendor Questionnaire Features

SIG icon

Built-in SIG and CAIQ Questionnaires

Ensure your vendors are compliant with our industry-standard questionnaire templates. Customize a standard questionnaire such as SIG or CAIQ or create your own questionnaire based on internal company policies.
Questionnaire icon

Custom Questionnaire Templates

Panorays takes away the headaches from questionnaires by helping you focus on the questions that matter, so you can get condensed and clear responses on issues that have an impact on third-party risks.
Libra icon

Customized Risk Assessments

Customize every aspect of the questionnaire assessment, such as the weight of each question, which questions get flagged as “deal-breakers”, and the overall impact of a questionnaire on a vendor’s risk score.
Calendar icon

Automatic Vendor Evaluations

Set automatic dates for your questionnaires to be sent out to vendors, whether it’s once a year or every few months, you decide.
Communication icon

Validated Responses

Panorays validated vendor responses with cyber posture data as well as uploaded documentation to get a holistic view of risks.
Workflows icon

Easy-to-Manage Workflows

Panorays automatically creates remediation tasks from critical questionnaire responses, making it easy to address security gaps.

Cybersecurity Questionnaire Frequently Asked Questions

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