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“Panorays enables us to assess and make decisions related to third-party vendors in an optimal fashion.”

Gartner Peer Insights

Attack Surface

Includes fourth-party discovery, deep protocol inspection, human factor and business context. Deep inspection of cloud service providers (AWS, Azure) regions and availability zones. Fastest new vendor assessment in the industry (<2 hours). 99.8% findings accuracy.

Offers comprehensive external attack surface assessment.

Process Automation

Automates the entire TPSRM process from attack surface analysis to questionnaire assessments accounting for both inherent risk and residual risk, remediation and ongoing monitoring.

Strong attack surface assessment, but questionnaire capabilities are nascent. Does not consider inherent risk of the business relationship with a supplier. Disputes take approximately 30 days to rectify.

Impact: Increased cost, incomplete view of third-party risk


Integration of both templated (ex. SIG, CAIQ) and customizable questionnaires included in the platform. Panorays’ questionnaires are based on advanced logic, include an analysis layer and are mapped against our external attack surface assessment to ensure authenticity of answers.

Questionnaire capability is new and not yet fully developed, offered as a separate product.

Impact: Increased cost

Depth of Features

Panorays stands out with its complete questionnaire capabilities, attack surface assessment accuracy, rich contextualization of vendor relationships and corresponding workflows. Panorays’ basic offering includes protocols drill-down, a complete list of vendor technologies and CVE’s, questionnaire creation and simple-to use fourth-party discovery. Panorays is designed to save you time and improve your relationship with your vendors.

Does not have deep inspection for public cloud providers.

Impact: Increased cost, incomplete view of third-party risk

Ease of Use

Streamlined, use case specific workflows are clear, simple to implement and cover all your third-party security risk management needs. Bottom-line risk rating and automated remediation plans save you time and let you focus on significant risk factor mitigation.

Provides detailed views of identified vendor risks enabling in-depth reporting.


Customers communicate directly with vendors in the app, streamlining remediation and dispute resolution, improving vendor relationships and enabling faster onboarding of approved vendors. Remediation plans are derived from both attack surface assessment and questionnaire responses.

Allows customers to communicate directly with vendors in the app, streamlining remediation.


Includes advanced features in basic offerings, such as dark web mentions, fourth-party discovery and all available data about the supplier. Panorays also offers a free account to suppliers or anyone that wants to get started with Third-Party Security Risk Management.

Public pricing not available. Reported business pricing starts at $20,000 per year, plus an additional upcharge of $2,000-$2,500 per year for each vendor.

Impact: High costs for complete solution


Offers comprehensive API, as well as out-of-the-box integrations with GRC platforms (ex. ServiceNow), data exchanges (ex. Snowflake), compliance platforms (anecdotes), asset management platforms and more.

Offers integrations with RSA Archer GRC, CyberGRX, OneTrust, ProcessUnity, MetricStream, and more. BitSight offers customers the ability to extend security ratings through a Developer API.

Customer Support

Recently nominated in SE Magazine for outstanding customer service, Panorays CS is consistently rated outstanding on review sites such as Gartner Peer Insights. Comprised of cybersecurity experts with vast experience supporting building TPSRM programs, our team is dedicated to automating your TPSRM and making it easily manageable. Panorays also has a designated security team, dedicated to finding third-party vulnerabilities before they happen.

Online resources do not emphasize superior customer service.

Impact: High operational costs

Gartner Peer Insights




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