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Panorays Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

As third-party breaches continue to increase, it’s critical to protect the security posture of your digital supply chain. Panorays Supply Chain Risk Management detects hidden 3rd-Nth parties, mapping out their relationships and closely monitoring them for cyber threats.
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Nth Party Discovery

Panorays lets you discover hidden risks beyond your known suppliers with automated Nth-Party Discovery. Our machine learning technology gives you a comprehensive view of your entire vendor ecosystem and reveals any Shadow IT with precision.

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Real-Time Alerts Across Your Supply Chain

Be the first to respond to potential threats with real-time alerts on rising risks across your supply chain. Panorays lets you minimize the impact of a security incident by notifying you of affected direct and indirect suppliers and letting you respond directly from the platform.

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Real-time Alerts Across Your Supply Chain

Prioritize Critical Suppliers

Make informed decisions to strengthen your supply chain security posture by understanding Nth-party risks with a breakdown of their cyber posture rating and business impact. Our AI-based risk classification allow you to easily add critical suppliers to your inventory for Continuous Monitoring and Threat Detection.

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Prioritize Critical Suppliers

Monitor Your Entire Digital Supply Chain

Discover Nth Parties icon

Discover Nth Parties

Uncover hidden suppliers and detect Shadow IT across your supply chain.
Stay Ahead of Threats icon

Stay Ahead of Threats

Reduce your attack surface and minimize potential risks with cyber alerts and threat intelligence.
Protect Company Assets icon

Protect Company Assets

Respond to breaches and vulnerabilities with complete visibility into affected suppliers.
Monitor Critical Vendors icon

Monitor Critical Vendors

Add critical Nth parties to your inventory for close monitoring and collaboration.

Supply Chain Risk Management Made Simple

Panorays' Dashboard: Detection


Panorays AI-based Supply Chain Discovery reveals Nth parties across your supply chain.

Panorays' Dashboard: Monitoring


Stay ahead of changes to your vendors’ security posture and collaborate with in-app communication and questionnaires to remediate any detected gaps.

Panorays' Dashboard: Alerts on Threats

Alerts on Threats

Get real-time alerts on threats across your supply chain and see how breaches and vulnerabilities impacted you and your Nth parties.

Panorays' Dashboard: Responding


Take immediate action on detected breaches with the Risk Insights and Response Portal where you can send incidence response questionnaires to affected vendors and gather cyber news details for easy reporting.

Tools For Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Discovery icon

Supply Chain Discovery

Get automated 4th-party detection and discover Shadow IT.
Third Party Details icon

Third-Party Details

Drill down into discovery evidence and see how each third party was detected.
Continuous Monitoring icon

Continuous Monitoring

Add critical parties for close monitoring.
Risk Insights and Response Portal icon

Risk Insights and Response Portal

Map out the impact of cyber threats on direct and indirect suppliers.
Cyber News icon

Cyber News Updates

Stay in the know on news events across your attack surface.

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