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Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

Panorays lets you manage third-party cyber risks from onboarding to remediation. With automated Nth party detection, context-based assessments and vendor self-guiding remediation plans, Panorays empowers organizations to take control of third-party risks with complete visibility.
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Third-Party Cyber Security Management (TPCRM)

Onboarding at Scale

Panorays streamlines the onboarding process by detecting hidden Nth parties along your supply chain, and automating the collection and verification of third-party documentation and assets. Within hours, Panorays makes it easy to detect, track, and assess hundreds of third parties at scale, while prioritizing them based on their criticality and business impact.

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Supply Chain Discovery

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Panorays conducts detailed third-party risk assessments by analyzing cybersecurity posture against industry standards and regulations, providing detailed risk ratings and actionable insights to prioritize remediation efforts and manage threats across your supply chain.

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Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Continuous Monitoring and Threat Detection

Continuously monitor changes in third-party security posture in real-time, leveraging automated alerts and threat intelligence to identify potential risks or vulnerabilities before they materialize.

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Continuous Monitoring

Effortless Remediation and Collaboration

With auto-generated remediation plans, Panorays allows you to prioritize threats and work together with vendors to close security gaps. With centralized communication, documentation sharing, and progress tracking, Panorays ensures transparency and accountability throughout the vendor lifecycle.

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Reduce Exposure Along Your Supply Chain

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See Your Risks In Context

Manage third-party risks efficiently with customized third-party assessments tailored to your organization’s unique risk appetite, and vendor’s business impact and criticality.
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Secure Your Entire Attack Surface

Gain complete visibility into threats along your supply chain with Nth-Party detection and external attack surface monitoring.
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Remediate Security Gaps in Minutes

Work together to address open vulnerabilities with generated Vendor Self-Guiding Plans, prioritized based on their impact on your business.

Prioritized, Context-Based Third-Party Risk Management

Identify Supply Chain Risks

Identify Supply Chain Risks

Panorays’ enhanced Supply Chain Detection discovers 3rd-Nth parties along your supply chain, uncovering hidden risks and exposing Shadow IT. Review hundreds of vendors and add the most critical ones for close monitoring and assessment.

Gain Visibility Into Third-Party Risk

Gain Visibility Into Third-Party Risk

Our Risk DNA Assessments collect and analyze third-party cyber risks, enabling organizations to understand their risk profiles and prioritize mitigation efforts effectively. Panorays provides contextual insights and risk ratings, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and strengthen their security posture against evolving threats.

Close Security Gaps

Close Security Gaps

Panorays allows for effortless remediation by providing actionable recommendations based on identified risks and compliance requirements. With integrated workflow tools and collaboration features, organizations can efficiently track and manage remediation tasks, accelerating the resolution process and reducing exposure to potential threats.

Stay Ahead of Threats

Stay Ahead of Threats

Continuously monitor third parties with real-time visibility into their evolving cyber risks. With automated assessments and alerts, Panorays enables organizations to stay ahead of emerging threats, adapt their risk management strategies dynamically, and maintain adaptive cybersecurity defenses across their supply chain ecosystem.

The Essentials You Need for Comprehensive
Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

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Attack Surface Monitoring

Continuously assess third-party risks across your entire attack surface and be the first to know of any evolving threats.
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Supply Chain Discovery

Detect hidden Nth parties along your supply chain, discover Shadow IT, and visualize your organization’s exposure to third-party risks.
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Vendor Lifecycle Management

From seamless onboarding, automated remediation processes, and continuous monitoring of third-party security posture, it’s simple to manage the entire vendor lifecycle with ease.
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Incident Response Portal

Get real-time alerts on threats across your supply chain and see their impact on your business.
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Consolidated Risk Assessments

Get a holistic view of third-party risk profiles with Panorays’ combined questionnaire assessments and cyber posture ratings.
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In-Platform Communication

Collaborate, track, and audit all compliance and remediation efforts in a centralized space.

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