Panorays Connects to
Your Existing Processes
and Tools.

Panorays easily integrates into your current
organizational workflows, so that you get the best of
all worlds.

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Connect to ServiceNow App

Customers can utilize Panorays’ third-party security management data through the ServiceNow app.

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Integrate with RSA Archer

RSA Archer customers can utilize an integration package to access Panorays’ third-party cyber data.


Customize Your Integrations with Our Rest API

Using our JSON-based REST API, you can easily integrate Panorays elements into any modern application.


Be Alerted Through the Use of Webhooks

Programmatically subscribe to Panorays events, and get an immediate HTTP POST when the events are triggered.


Integrate to External Identity Providers

Panorays supports single sign-on using SAML and OpenID-Connect protocols (Okta, OneLogin, Auth0, Azure AD, etc.)

Panorays has provided us with a new level of
vendor risk management by giving us real insight
into the information security measures (and
failings) of our partners.

Hundreds of teams evaluate and manage their vendors’
security with Panorays

Learn about other Panorays features


Regulatory Compliance

Easily check if your suppliers
comply with regulations

Dashboard - Business Impact

Portfolio Management

Seamlessly manage your
suppliers’ security

Map Your Standards and Regulations

Professional Services

Receive guidance about your
third-party security process

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