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External Attack Surface Management

Safeguard your organization against cyber threats with complete visibility into your external attack surface.
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External Attack Surface Management

External Attack Surface Monitoring At Our Core

Panorays’ industry-leading technology scans thousands of assets across your supply chain, with real-time, accurate, and reliable data, so you can confidently evaluate your third-party cyber risks. Our detailed Cyber Posture Assessments uncover vulnerabilities and identify potential security gaps with a complete breakdown of your security posture as well as that of your third parties.

Accuracy At Our Core

External Attack Surface Insights

Our Attack Surface Management tools let you drill deep into your supply chain risks by, revealing Shadow IT and discovering 4th and 5th parties. You can easily assess the cyber posture of indirect parties and select critical vendors for continuous monitoring, so you can be the first to know of risks across your supply chain.

Insights Beyond the Surface

Real-Time Data on Evolving Risks

Panorays’ unique Risk Insights Portal gives you instant alerts on cybersecurity threats such as breaches, vulnerabilities, and zero-day attacks, with a detailed analysis of their impact on your direct and indirect suppliers. Panorays’ in-platform communication makes it easy to resolve vulnerabilities and remediate critical findings, all with a clear audit trail.

Real-Time Data on Evolving Risks

Manage Your External Attack
Surface And Reduce Cyber Risk

Secure Your Supply Chain Icon

Secure Your Supply Chain

Map out the impact of a cyber risk across your digital supply chain, and see which third, fourth and Nth parties are affected.
Secure Your Supply Chain Icon

Know Who to Trust

Prevent data breaches, protect your reputation, and ensure the continuity of your business with complete visibility into risks.
Respond to Risks Icon

Respond to Risks

Proactively remediate gaps and address critical threats before an attacker sees them.

Comprehensive Asset Management and Discovery

Panorays performs hundreds of tests across your attack surface, collecting information on exposed assets so you can understand potential risks across three layers.

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Holistic Attack Surface Management

Cyber Posture Ratings Icon

Cyber Risk Posture Ratings

Review your vendors’ cyber posture rating with in-depth details into their assets, and work together to remediate any risks.
Comprehensive Analysis Icon

Comprehensive Risk Analysis

Panorays conducts numerous tests across network and IT, applications, and human factors to reveal security gaps.
Continuous Monitoring Icon

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor your suppliers 24/7, with live alerts on security changes or breaches to your third-party network.
Third and Fourth-Party Discovery Icon

Third and Fourth-Party Discovery

Save time with Panorays Supply Chain Discovery, automatically detecting your third parties and indirect 4th – Nth parties in your supply chain.
The Human Factor Icon

The Human Factor

Panorays is the only platform that factors in human behavior, assessing social media presence and employee security awareness into the overall cybersecurity rating.
Dark Web Insights Icon

Dark Web Insights

Panorays checks mentions of your vendor on hacker forums and other dark web marketplaces, providing deep, real-time insight about in-the-wild threats to your supply chain.

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