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AI-Powered Third-Party
Security Risk Management Platform

For a Faster, Easier and More Accurate Evaluation Process

Managing third party risk without proper tools can be difficult. Existing manual processes can be time-consuming and intricate resulting in frustration for third parties and evaluators alike. Panorays integrates AI to benefit the entire ecosystem, ensuring a streamlined third-party risk management process.

Panorays Smart Match AI

Smart Match accelerates third-party evaluations by providing users responding to questionnaires with potential matching responses.

Matches are based on an AI-generated library of pre-answered questionnaires by the third party. Each potential answer is given a similarity score and presented with details such as the origin of the questionnaire and the previous responder.

Smart Match Questionnaire

The Power of Smart Match AI

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Streamlined Evaluations

Responders can answer questionnaires quickly and independently, reducing reliance on internal stakeholders and accelerating the entire third party evaluation process.
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Trusted Responses

Matching questions with AI allows third parties to reply to questionnaires with consistency. Responses are more accurate, providing evaluators with higher levels of confidence in the evaluation process.

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Release Notes