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Risk DNA: Cybersecurity Posture You Can Trust

Panorays assesses the cybersecurity posture of each of your third parties by taking into account the level of business criticality, external and internal assessments, and your company’s risk appetite to create your unique Risk DNA. Risk DNA reflects the true risks within your third-party ecosystem so you can identify and prioritize your most critical third parties.
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Cybersecurity Posture Score

AI-Based Accuracy

With AI-driven accuracy, Panorays reduces your dependence on third parties to ensure compliance and visibility. By automatically scanning their documentation and certifications, autocompleting third-party questionnaires based on past responses, and comparing responses with cyber posture ratings, Panorays generates the most accurate, comprehensive third-party risk profiles.

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AI-Based Accuracy

Cybersecurity Posture That Evolve With Your Business

As every third-party relationship is dynamic, Panorays Risk DNA evolves to reflect changes to the impact of your third-party risks, including shifts in data access and severity, changes in their business criticality and developing vulnerabilities.

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Risk Ratings

AI-Driven Risk Predictions

Panorays’ AI-driven risk assessments reflect the probability of encountering a third-party breach, so you can proactively mitigate security vulnerabilities. By providing insights into potential risks, you and your team can take targeted actions to strengthen your security posture and minimize the likelihood of breaches.

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AI-Driven Risk Predictions

Cybersecurity Risks in Context

Context-Based Ratings Icon

Context-Based Ratings

Understand where your biggest risks lay with context-based cyber posture ratings, reflecting your unique risk appetite and third-party relationships.
Prioritize Remediation Icon

Prioritize Remediation

Focus your efforts on the most critical vulnerabilities filtered by third-party business impact and criticality.
Star Icon

One Source of Truth

Third-party Risk DNA profiles combine external and internal assessments, along with business impact to reflect the most trusted ratings in the industry.
Monitor Risk Icon

Monitor Changes to Risk

Stay ahead of changes in your third parties’ cyber posture ratings with Continuous Monitoring and real-time alerts.

How Risk DNA Works

Panorays' Dashboard: Customize

Define Your Risk Appetite

Customize third-party risk assessments to reflect your unique risk tolerance with factors such as questionnaire weighting, the impact of critical tests, and adjustable risk rating matrix.

Panorays' Dashboard: Define

Business Impact and Criticality

Define your third parties’ impact and criticality based on the context of your third-party relationships such as access to sensitive data and physical facilities, which departments are involved, and the criticality of the services provided. Then, easily send questionnaire templates for comprehensive internal assessments.

Panorays' Dashboard: Assess

Cyber Posture Ratings

Within hours, Panorays tests the security posture of hundreds of assets across your third parties’ external attack surfaces, highlighting any gaps and suggesting remediation steps.

Panorays' Dashboard: Validate

AI-Validated Assessments

Each cyber posture assessment is cross-referenced with questionnaire responses and certifications to validate the findings and emphasize any gaps.

Panorays' Dashboard: Adapt

Evolving Risk DNA

Each Risk DNA relationship is updated to reflect changes in your third-party relationships as well as new vulnerabilities and breaches in your external attack surface.

Components of Risk DNA

Continuous Monitoring icon

Continuous External Attack Surface Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of potential vulnerabilities across your entire digital attack surface.
Questionnaires icon

Customizable Questionnaires

Meet compliance standards with tailored assessments powered by AI.
Assessment icon

Validated Assessment

All cyber security ratings are verified by questionnaire responses to ensure the most accurate view of risks.
Ratings icon

Context-Based Ratings

Unique risk ratings based on your company’s risk appetite and business relationships.
Alert icon

Alerts to Changes in Risk

Real-time notifications on detected vulnerabilities in your third-parties’ risk posture.

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