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Third-Party Risk Management for Financial Services

As third-party breaches increase, financial services continue to adopt proactive third-party risk management frameworks to enhance visibility over external attack surfaces and mitigate risk exposure. Discover how Panorays equips financial companies with the necessary tools to safeguard their sensitive information and assert control over their supply chain risks.

Third-Party Risk Visibility, Compliance, and Response with Panorays


Manage Growing Supply Chain Risks

Gain visibility over your evolving third-party risks with Nth party detection and real-time vulnerability alerts on changes in cyber posture. Easily track and manage all of your third parties, and sort them based on factors such as criticality, access to data, and risk rating.

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Stay Ahead of Regulations

Meet the compliance standards of regulations such as DORA and GDPR with compliance questionnaires, third party visibility, and incident response reporting. See the compliance statuses of third-party vendors and easily address any gaps to meet regulatory standards.

Respond to Breaches

Respond to Third-Party Breaches

Panorays quickly identifies breaches and vulnerabilities across your 3rd and Nth parties, while mapping out the impact of an event on your direct and indirect suppliers so you can work with your third-parties to minimize the impact of a breach and ensure business continuity.

Take Control of Supply Chain Risks With Panorays

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Get Real-Time Breach Alerts

Be the first to know of security incidents involving your third-party vendors, proactively mitigate threats and safeguard sensitive data.
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Manage Your Attack Surface Exposure

See your extended attack surface mapped out across hundreds of domains and gain insights into 3rd and Nth parties in your supply chain.
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Customize Reports to the Board

Effectively communicate your cybersecurity status and third-party risk exposures to the boards, ensuring informed decision-making at the highest level.

See How Financial Services Rely on Panorays to Manage Cyber Risks

“Now that we have Panorays, there’s a remediation plan within the platform, and the InfoSec team can drill down more than ever before and provide even more valuable feedback—in less time.”
“Our third-party program maturity improved through the continuous monitoring of supplier relationships. We achieve coordinated due diligence through communication, collaboration, monitoring and reporting.”
“Panorays became a key player in our information systems flow. We do not move forward until we receive assessment results from them. We have the score, the assessment and the scan. We can now see a complete picture of vendor security.”

Master Compliance Standards With Panorays

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