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Panorays VS SecurityScorecard

In today’s dynamic cyber risk landscape, security managers are under tremendous pressure to enhance their third-party cybersecurity measures while keeping costs low. Unlike SecurityScorecard, Panorays is recognized by Forrester for giving its customers the highest satisfaction rating for overall business value.

Panorays empowers organizations with:

Our integrated interface enables quick, real-time assessments to effectively manage supply chain cyber risks, including third-party, fourth-party, and fifth-party risks, tailored to meet your company’s and your vendors’ specific needs.

If you’re exploring third-party cyber risk management for the first time or looking for a more holistic alternative to SecurityScorecard, Panorays provides AI-based TPRM solutions and cyber insights to enhance your third-party risk strategy and manage your external attack surface effectively.

5 Reasons Customers Prefer Panorays’ TPRM Solution:

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One Integrated Solution

A single TPRM platform combining external attack surface monitoring, security questionnaires, and risk management
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Flexibility and Personalization

Tailored to your company’s specific business needs
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Advanced AI-Threat Detection

Powered by our self-hosted AI, ensuring data privacy
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Ease of Use

Automation and unparalleled simplicity
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Accuracy and Validation

Questionnaire validation using AI-document scanning and attack surface insights

Panorays VS SecurityScorecard: What to Consider

AI Built for TPRM:

Unlike most third-party risk management (TPRM) platforms that rely on public, open-source AI, Panorays uses proprietary, self-hosted AI tools specifically designed for cyber risk management. This approach minimizes the need for extensive manual effort and ensures that your data remains secure within Panorays’ own self-hosted AI environment.

Our AI-powered Supply Chain Discovery detects hidden Nth parties along your digital supply chain, so you can detect Shadow IT and gain full visibility into who has access to your organization’s sensitive data. By incorporating AI into our security questionnaires, users can rely on autofill features and certification scanning, speeding up the evaluation process and validating questionnaire results.

Supply Chain Discovery

TPCRM As a Process:

While SecurityScorecard offers SRS and questionnaire capabilities, Panorays holistically focuses on third-party cyber risk management as a process, offering an integrated, in-house set of tools that expands beyond traditional security risk rating platforms. We’ve built Panorays with third-party risk management best practices in mind, combining feedback from leading analyst firms, security advisory boards, and CISOs across the globe to truly address the biggest challenges teams face when managing cyber risks.

As we assist hundreds of customers in assessing and managing their third-party risks, we provide a comprehensive solution that uniquely combines both an inside-out and outside-in approach. Our dedication to evolving our platform ensures that our clients can proactively and effectively mitigate risks, making their businesses more secure and resilient.

Tpcrm as a Process

External Attack Surface Management:

Panorays offers the fastest vendor risk assessments in the industry, often delivering results in less than two hours and achieving an impressive 99.3% accuracy in its findings. The platform conducts hundreds of tests across your attack surface, gathering detailed information on exposed assets. This comprehensive approach allows you to understand potential risks across three critical layers: Human, Network and IT, and Application.

External Attack Surface Management

Panorays’ AI-Powered Solution for TPRM

Unlike other platforms, Panorays employs a unique AI algorithm that excels in detecting vulnerabilities across cloud data and actively monitors mentions on the dark web. Additionally, it can detect compromised employee credentials, providing a comprehensive layer of security that goes beyond traditional methods.

Panorays stands out as the superior choice for third-party risk management among enterprise organizations. By offering a unique combination of external attack surface monitoring, advanced AI-driven threat detection, and comprehensive risk assessments, Panorays provides unparalleled insight and security for your organization. Our platform’s flexibility and ease of use, tailored to meet specific business needs, ensure that you can manage third-party, fourth-party, and fifth-party risks effectively.

Experience the difference with Panorays and elevate your third-party risk management strategy today.

Panorays prioritizes business context for third-party cyber risk management… its superior vision highlights supply chain complexity and the deep technical functionality required to secure it from a first- and third-party perspective.
The Forrester Wave™ in Cybersecurity Risk Ratings Platforms, Q2 2024

Panorays received the highest possible scores in these criteria in the Forrester Wave, Cyber Risk Rating Platforms Q2, 2024:

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User Experience

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Partner Ecosystem

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Asset Discovery and Attribution

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Prioritization and Remediation

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Vendor Discovery and Mapping

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Ratings Dispute Resolution

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Security Assessment Questionnaire

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Integrations and Interoperability