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Panorays VS OneTrust

Looking to expand your cybersecurity program and actively manage third-party cyber risks? While CISOs rely on Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platforms like OneTrust for general compliance and due diligence, these platforms often lack the cybersecurity capabilities needed to manage cyber threats effectivity.

Why Choose Panorays Over OneTrust?
  • Unlike OneTrust, Panorays is named a Leader in the latest Forrester New Wave, Cybersecurity Risk Rating Platforms Q2, 2024.

  • Panorays is praised for its AI-driven, unified platform that combines vendor onboarding, compliance management, and cyber threat visibility.

  • Efficiently manage third-party cybersecurity risks without sacrificing simplicity.

Whether you’re looking to integrate OneTrust with a third-party cyber management platform or transitioning from OneTrust entirely, Panorays offers an unparalleled advantage for Security and Risk Managers (SRMs) across the board. With cyber-resilience capabilities such as continuous cyber threat monitoring, customized cyber posture assessments, and an incident response portal, Panorays allows teams to minimize their external attack surface exposure and stay ahead of third-party threats in ways a GRC platform cannot.

Platforms such as OneTrust help procurement teams meet regulatory requirements, ensuring policies are followed, and maintaining overall organizational governance. However, to manage evolving cyber risks, CISOs need specialized third-party cyber risk management platforms like Panorays, allowing security teams to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate cyber threats, enhancing the organization’s overall security posture.

Why Customers Rely on Panorays to Reduce Cyber Risks:

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Comprehensive Cyber Risk Management

Combined external attack surface monitoring, security questionnaires, and risk management into one cohesive platform
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Seamless Integrations

Easily integrated into existing GRC tools, allowing multiple teams to work together
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Cyber Threat Detection

Self-hosted AI ensures data privacy while providing advanced threat detection capabilities
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Intuitive User Experience

User-friendly interface with automation to streamline processes and enhance ease of use
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Accurate and Verified Data

AI-powered document scanning and attack surface insights validate security questionnaires, ensuring precise and reliable data

Panorays VS OneTrust: Breaking Down the Differences

Going Beyond TPRM Compliance:

While standard GRC platforms such as OneTrust are essential for managing data privacy and regulatory compliance, they fall short of protecting organizations from escalating supply chain cyber risks. Security professionals rely on Panorays for comprehensive third-party cyber risk management that goes beyond compliance, offering critical visibility, detection, and alerts on threats across their supply chains. By combining outside-in and inside-out assessments into a single solution, Panorays delivers unmatched context, accuracy, and validation that CISOs can trust.

Panorays streamlines the process for teams to achieve compliance and ensure their third parties meet regulatory requirements. Our customized AI questionnaires are tailored to your specific vendor relationships and their business impact, allowing you to save time on questionnaire management. With ready-made templates, you can focus on the most critical questions and efficiently gather the necessary information from your vendors.

To enhance the accuracy of questionnaire responses, Panorays validates them against vendors’ external documents and comprehensive cyber posture assessments. By combining these insights, Panorays identifies any gaps, making it easy to review and address potential security issues.


Smart Matches

Seeking One Consolidated Platform for TPRM:

Panorays offers a comprehensive third-party management solution by consolidating security questionnaires, continuous cyber monitoring, and advanced cyber threat detection into a unified platform. Our all-in-one approach streamlines third-party risk management, providing seamless and ongoing visibility into potential cyber threats. Unlike OneTrust, which often requires integration with additional third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM) platforms to achieve the same level of cyber visibility, Panorays delivers a cohesive solution to manage supply chain risks effectively.

Most GRC platforms, including OneTrust, rely on integrations with TPCRM platforms to enable security managers to address third-party cyber risks. These integrations often result in an incomplete picture of cyber threats, presenting static risk scores for each third party and requiring users to switch between multiple platforms to actively manage changes in cyber posture, communicate with vendors on security questionnaires, and remediate security gaps. With Panorays, security and risk managers (SRMs) can oversee the entire vendor lifecycle—from onboarding to questionnaires and continuous monitoring—ensuring compliance standards are met while reducing cyber threats.

Panorays' TPRM Platform Dashboard

Context-Based External Attack Surface Assessments:

Unlike OneTrust, Panorays offers industry-leading attack surface assessments and third-party cyber posture ratings, receiving the highest possible score in Vendor Discovery and Mapping in the latest Forrester New Wave: Cybersecurity Risk Rating Platforms, Q2 2024. When it comes to addressing third-party cyber risks, CISOs find that relying solely on a generic GRC platform is insufficient, as they lack the necessary cyber insights to effectively manage these risks.

To ensure visibility into cyber threats, Panorays detects thousands of Nth parties along a company’s attack surface, using proprietary AI technology to map out critical vendors and uncover Shadow IT. Panorays leverages its unique combination of questionnaires and cyber assessments to give CISOs a holistic view of their third-party risks. In contrast, OneTrust does not offer external attack surface assessments and relies on integrations to provide these capabilities in a separate platform interface.

By conducting extensive tests across your attack surface, Panorays gathers detailed information on thousands of exposed assets across the Human, Application, Network, and IT layers. This comprehensive approach sets Panorays apart, providing a thorough and precise assessment of your third-party cyber risks. Our risk assessments are tailored to your unique business relationships, risk appetite, and evolving threats, ensuring the most accurate reflection of risks across your attack surface.

Panorays' TPRM Platform Dashboard

Panorays’ TPRM Solution, Powered by AI

Experience the difference with Panorays and elevate your third-party risk management strategy today.

Unlike OneTrust, which requires integration with third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM) platforms for external attack surface assessments, Panorays provides these capabilities natively within a unified platform. With external attack surface monitoring, security questionnaires, and third-party risk management, security teams can experience a seamless user experience without the need for additional integrations.

For enterprise organizations looking to enhance their third-party risk management strategies, Panorays delivers a cohesive and efficient solution, making it the preferred choice for robust cyber risk management.

Panorays prioritizes business context for third-party cyber risk management… its superior vision highlights supply chain complexity and the deep technical functionality required to secure it from a first- and third-party perspective.
The Forrester Wave™ in Cybersecurity Risk Ratings Platforms, Q2 2024

Panorays received the highest possible scores in these criteria in the Forrester Wave, Cyber Risk Rating Platforms Q2, 2024:

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User Experience

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Partner Ecosystem

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Asset Discovery and Attribution

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Prioritization and Remediation

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Vendor Discovery and Mapping

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Ratings Dispute Resolution

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Security Assessment Questionnaire

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Integrations and Interoperability