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Panorays VS Bitsight

Undecided between Panorays and Bitsight? In a world where cyber threats are constantly changing, having the right tools is essential for security and compliance teams to protect their organizations, meet regulatory requirements, and maintain visibility over their attack surfaces.

Why Choose Panorays Over Bitsight?

Whether you’re looking to switch from Bitsight, or choosing a third-party management platform for the first time, Panorays empowers organizations with context-based assessments and personalized third-party cyber risk management. Whereas standard TPRM solutions have a “one size fits all” approach to cyber risks, Panorays allows teams to manage their supply chain risks based on business criticality and context. Tailored to meet the unique needs of companies and their vendors, Panorays offers the flexibility to address critical third-party security gaps in ways our competitors can not.

See Why Customers Prefer Panorays for TPRM

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All-in-One Platform

Combines external attack surface monitoring, security questionnaires, and risk management into a single solution
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Customizable and Flexible

Adaptable to meet the specific needs of your business
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AI Threat Detection

Self-hosted AI for enhanced data privacy and threat detection
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Automation and an intuitive interface for ease of use
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Precise and Verified Cyber Data

AI-document scanning and attack surface insights to validate questionnaires and ensure accuracy

Panorays VS Bitsight: Factors to Consider

A Holistic Approach to TPCRM

Like many traditional TPRM platforms, Bitsight offers SRS and questionnaire capabilities that are often managed as two separate tools for security and compliance teams, respectively. Panorays takes a more comprehensive and user-friendly approach to third-party cyber risk management with an all-in-one platform that goes beyond traditional security risk ratings.

Panorays tackles the real challenges teams face in managing cyber risks by prioritizing context-based risk assessments. By integrating insights from external attack surface tests and security questionnaire responses, each vendor receives a unique risk score, offering a holistic view of their cyber posture and compliance status. This combined inside-out and outside-in perspective allows Panorays customers to manage cyber risks more effectively and stay ahead of threats.

Holistic TPCRM

TPRM Efficiency Powered by AI

Third-party risk management can be tedious and time-consuming if you’re relying on solutions that offer limited AI and automation capabilities. Unlike traditional TPRM platforms, Panorays has incorporated artificial intelligence through its entire platform, simplifying processes among teams, enhancing attack surface insights, and providing a more accurate view of security gaps. Since we understand the risks of AI, Panorays uses its own proprietary AI tools, ensuring that your data stays secure within our self-hosted environment, without compromising on efficiency.

Panorays takes an industry-leading approach to security questionnaires by harnessing the power of AI. Our AI-autofill and AI-validation features make the questionnaire evaluation process quicker and easier for both companies and their vendors. Panorays cross-references questionnaire responses with vendor certifications to ensure you get the most accurate picture of your vendors’ compliance and security statuses. Panorays also uniquely combines AI-driven questionnaire validation with supply chain risk intelligence, highlighting gaps between questionnaire responses and insights from attack surface assessments, so you get a complete and clear view of your vendors’ cyber posture.

Smart Matches

Context-Based External Attack Surface Assessments

Unlike Bitsight, Panorays received the highest possible score in Vendor Discovery and Mapping, in the latest Forrester New Wave: Cybersecurity Risk Rating Platforms, Q2 2024. Using our proprietary AI technology, Panorays detects thousands of Nth parties along a company’s attack surface, mapping out critical vendors and discovering Shadow IT.

Our approach to third-party risk assessments is context-based, letting CISOs filter through the noise of standard vendor ratings, and prioritize their most critical risks with clear remediation steps. Panorays risk assessments are tailored to your unique business relationships, risk appetite, and evolving threats, so you get the most accurate, true reflection of risks across your attack surface.

We’re proud to provide the fastest vendor risk assessments in the industry, often delivering results in under two hours with an impressive 99.8% accuracy. Our platform conducts extensive tests across your attack surface, gathering detailed information on thousands of exposed assets across the Human, Application, Network, and IT layers.

External Attack Surface Management

Panorays’ TPRM Solution, Powered by AI

Experience the difference with Panorays and elevate your third-party risk management strategy today.

Panorays offers a comprehensive, AI-driven solution for third-party risk management, setting it apart from traditional platforms like Bitsight. Our unified platform combines external attack surface monitoring, security questionnaires, and risk management, without compromising on a seamless user experience.

Panorays’ context-based assessments and detailed remediation plans allow businesses to manage cyber risks effectively, tailored to their specific needs. Panorays provides unparalleled insight and security, making it the preferred choice for enterprise organizations looking to enhance their third-party risk management strategies.

Panorays prioritizes business context for third-party cyber risk management… its superior vision highlights supply chain complexity and the deep technical functionality required to secure it from a first- and third-party perspective.
The Forrester Wave™ in Cybersecurity Risk Ratings Platforms, Q2 2024

Panorays received the highest possible scores in these criteria in the Forrester Wave, Cyber Risk Rating Platforms Q2, 2024:

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User Experience

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Partner Ecosystem

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Asset Discovery and Attribution

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Prioritization and Remediation

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Vendor Discovery and Mapping

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Ratings Dispute Resolution

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Security Assessment Questionnaire

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Integrations and Interoperability