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Third-Party Cybersecurity, Shaped for Your Risk DNA

Optimize your defenses for each unique third-party relationship, with auto-adaptive Third-Party Cyber Risk Management.

Trusted by the Most Complex Supply Chains in the World

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Unlock the Cyber Fingerprint of Every Third-Party

For every third-party connection, Panorays assigns a real-time rating – a unique Risk DNA. This dynamic rating allows you to continuously adapt your security measures, guiding each relationship towards its optimal security posture.

Create Cyber Risk Assessments Based on Real Business Risk

Find the security sweet spot for each business connection. Panorays tailors external attack surface assessments and internal risk assessments to each unique relationship, pinpointing risks that can impact your business. Focus your security efforts where they matter most, and gain boardroom approval with clear, actionable insights.

Gain Control With Continuous Supply Chain Detection and Monitoring

Uncover hidden risks across your network. Panorays AI maps and ranks all 3rd to Nth-party connections, based on your evolving Risk DNA. Real-time alerts instantly notify you of any changes to your or your third parties’ cyber posture, enabling immediate action to neutralize emerging threats.

Act on What Matters With Actionable Threat Alerts

Filter evolving third-party threats through your company’s risk lens. Panorays prioritizes vulnerabilities based on your KPIs and KRIs, delivering actionable alerts with clear context and next steps. Go from alert to action in seconds, assign tasks, and track progress from one dedicated Incident Response Portal.

Fast-Track Remediation With Vendor Self-Guiding Plans

Close critical security gaps from day one. Panorays tailors prioritized action plans for each vendor, focusing on the risks that could impact you the most. Easily track and monitor progress as Panorays automatically updates and reflects changes to your third-party security measures.

Reduce the Likelihood of a Third-Party Breach

Supply Chain Discovery

Supply Chain Visibility

Panorays detects your entire threat landscape and immediately alerts you of vulnerabilities and breaches. You can easily respond to threats in collaboration with your third parties, keep an audit of all communication, and close security gaps with suggested remediation steps.

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Automated Third-Party Risk Management

Automated Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

Streamline third-party questionnaires with compliance templates, autocomplete responses, and AI-powered questionnaire validations. Speed up vendor assessments by auto-assigning team members for their review, and setting rules to approve or reject vendors automatically.

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Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Go deeper with contextual, AI-powered risk assessments, reflecting questionnaire accuracy, cyber posture, and business impact. Our dynamic rating adapts to your changing Risk DNA, letting you mitigate threats before they escalate into breaches.

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External Attack Surface Management

External Attack Surface Management

Protect your organization from cyber threats with external attack surface monitoring. Get immediate alerts on security gaps found in your digital assets and respond to any third-party vulnerabilities.

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Security Leaders Trust Panorays

"What we love about Panorays is its high visibility for the whole of supply chain risks. We have access to each supplier and its profile, and the comfortable sorting mechanism helps us discover vendors by specific parameters."
"When you have a product like Panorays, you gain greater confidence about your vendor due diligence because you can dig deeper"
"Now that we have Panorays, there’s a remediation plan within the platform, and the InfoSec team can drill down more than ever before and provide even more valuable feedback—in less time."
"With Panorays, we have a more comprehensive view of our suppliers. We have a better understanding of who we are dealing with, what are their levels of security and privacy, what permissions they need, and what data they use."
"We get our deals done faster, we’ve improved our success rate, and we don’t need an expert to process documents. If there is a problem, I am told about it. If there’s no problem, then there’s nothing I need to do."

River Island Customer Story

See how River Island uses Panorays to view, remediate and communicate business risks across the organization.
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The Impact of Panorays

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