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Demi Ben Ari
Demi Ben-Ari
CTO and Co-Founder of Panorays
Demi Ben-Ari is CTO and Co-Founder of Panorays. He’s a software engineer, entrepreneur and international tech speaker.


Demi is a seasoned security expert with over a decade of extensive experience in machine learning, technology, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, he possesses deep knowledge and expertise in the realms of threat intelligence and intelligence gathering, making him a valuable asset in safeguarding digital ecosystems.


Demi has a plethora of experience in the cybersecurity world starting with his military service in the IDF elite programming course in Mamram, additionally serving in the Ofek software unit of the IAF for seven years, and working as a Senior Data Engineer at Windward where he migrated an on-premise solution to Amazon Web Services, transitioning it to a distributed microservices architecture using big data technologies.

Demi helped co-found Panorays in 2016 and serves as its CTO, responsible for managing the company’s technical infrastructure, responding to marketplace developments related to third-party security.

Cybersecurity Authoritativeness

Demi is a recognized Google Developers Expert, co-founder of “Big Things”—one of the largest Big Data communities—and of the local Google Developer Group Cloud. He is a renowned international speaker, presenting Big Data solutions and distributed and scalable systems to both technical and management teams. He also founded the Ofek alumni association to help drive forward alumni entrepreneurs and different technology initiatives with the alumni.

Demi is also apart of the “Cloud Security Alliance” and his cybersecurity writing has been mentioned or referenced in various news publications, websites and resources, including:


Demi graduated from the The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo with a bachelor of sciences degree in Computer Science. In his free time, he serves as an advisory board member to multiple startup companies in deep tech and cyber security such as badook AI and others.

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