Now, more than ever, managing third-party security risk is critical. And one of the ways to manage this type of third-party risk is through vendor security questionnaires.

That being said, third-party vendors notoriously hate questionnaires. They complain incessantly about needing to answer tens, if not hundreds, of security questions. They are especially frustrated if the questions being asked are not even relevant to their business.

But what about you? What about the company sending out the questionnaires? It’s not exactly a picnic for you either. The sky’s the limit when it comes to asking questions pertaining to security, so how do you know which questions to ask? Which questions are more or less important? Do all questions apply to all vendors? With these topics in mind, and with the tremendous popularity of our last guide on the subject, we’ve created a brand new guide listing 10 more questions to include in your vendor security questionnaires.

Ask the Right Questions in Your Vendor Security Assessments

This guide includes “must ask” questions to include in your questionnaire as part of your vendor risk management process before you start doing business with any vendor, no matter how crucial its services may be to your company. Headlines of new security threats and security incidents are justifiably concerning for security professionals and management teams alike. And with recent infamous cyberattacks like Solar Winds, Kaseya and Accellion happening more frequently and causing greater damage than ever, you need to be sure that you’re asking the right questions during the vendor risk assessment process.

Build an Effective Vendor Security Questionnaire

Effective vendor security questionnaires begin with selecting the questions that will elicit information from potential vendors that will have the greatest impact on your organization.

If you want to learn what these 10 critical questions are and why they’re important to ask your vendors, download this guide now. The guide will help you jump-start the right way to build a relevant and effective vendor security questionnaire to assess your third parties. Additionally, it also provides greater insight into vendors’ alignment with the security appetite of your organization.