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The Kaseya Breach: What Can You Do About a Supply Chain Attack?

July 21, 2021

Not much time has passed since the last supply chain cyber attacks: SolarWinds, Accellion, Codecov, and now Kaseya. Do you think this will be the last one? We don’t.

While you’re probably wondering what can be done to predict or prevent an incident like this in the future, we think the better question is: What can you do to prepare for the next one?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss what actionable steps you can take to respond to the next supply chain attack to mitigate compromising your data and your customers’ data.

Participants will learn:

  • What actually happened in the Kaseya breach and how it compares to SolarWinds and the rest of the latest supply chain breaches
  • How to map your supply chain and know who your third parties are, as well as understand their possible impact
  • How to monitor the digital supply chain and your third parties’ cyber posture
  • How to conduct proper security risk management and remediation

We’ll share our experience and expertise as security practitioners who have implemented our own mitigation strategies and helped our clients understand the impact of third-party security incidents.

Demi Ben Ari
Demi Ben-Ari Co-Founder & CTO @ Panorays
James Azar
James Azar CISO – CISSP, Host of CISO Talk Podcast and CyberHub Podcast

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