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6 Key Benefits of Panorays’ Starter Plan
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6 Key Benefits of Panorays’ Starter Plan

By Hunter Markman Jan 26, 20222 min read

By now, you’ve probably heard about Panorays’ exciting new Starter Plan, So, why all the fuss about a new user plan?

We believe that this new plan is a gamechanger for vendor risk management, particularly for those organizations that may not know where to begin. This new offering provides you with a taste of Panorays’ rapid and accurate security ratings—both for your organization and your third parties. 

Read on for six reasons why you should consider signing up:

1. It’s free

The new starter plan is available to all users, and yes, it’s absolutely free! The reason? We believe that every organization is vulnerable to cyberattacks, and thus every organization must have a third-party security risk management program in place. By making this plan available to everyone, Panorays aims to help companies easily defend themselves against supply chain attacks

2. It’s unlimited

Many companies offer free trials that are available for a limited time before you must decide to either cancel or pay for the next level. That’s not the case here. You can remain on Panorays’ Starter Plan for as long as you like—it’s up to you.

3. It helps you improve your cyber posture

Panorays’ new starter plan includes a Security Profile, which provides you with full visibility into your company’s cyber posture. Your cyber gaps are identified through Panorays’ external attack surface assessment, and you can mitigate the gaps to improve your rating. You can also dispute irrelevant assets, benchmark your security posture against an industry range and track your cyber posture rating over time. 

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4. It helps you improve your suppliers’ cyber posture

The Starter Plan allows you to view the cyber posture of up to five of your third parties and send up to five vendor automated security questionnaires based on Panorays’ pre-built template. By having visibility into your suppliers’ cyber gaps, you can be assured that they are upholding your security standards. 

5. It accelerates your sales process

Panorays’ new starter plan also includes a Security Passport, which allows you to build and share a security overview with potential customers. The Passport includes answers to self-assessment questionnaires and security certifications, and can very often be used as acceptable evidence of vendor security. With the help of the Security Passport, you can eliminate the need for answering security questionnaires and significantly accelerate your sales process.

6. Did we mention that it’s free?

Want to learn more about how Panorays’ Starter Plan will help your organization? Learn more here

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Hunter Markman

Hunter Markman is a Product Marketing Manager at Panorays. In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his wife and three cats and being a sartorial snob.

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