On October 7th, 2023, the Hamas terror organization attacked Israel, resulting in Israel entering into a state of conflict with the Hamas-controlled Gaza region.

Panorays is a worldwide organization with a team spanning three continents. Our business and technical operations are located in the USA, UK, The Netherlands, and Singapore, as well as a presence in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In this blog, we will detail the practical steps we’ve taken, aligned with our Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP), to ensure the ongoing provision of business functions, business units and services that underpin the critical network and security infrastructure of our customers and partners.

Ensuring Business Continuity

Ensuring Service Excellence

In a world where service quality is paramount, we’re committed to maintaining our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and serviceability, ensuring that our customers and partners can always count on us.

Remote Work – Our New Norm

Since 2020, Panorays embraced a hybrid work model, which has now become a part of our DNA. We’ve made substantial investments to ensure that our infrastructure and all of our business functions are well-equipped to support remote work seamlessly.

High Security and Data Privacy Standards

Panorays places the highest value on security and data privacy. Our ‘Road Warrior’ security architecture represents a ‘remote-first’ approach that places trust in the individual, not their location. It’s a zero-trust model that keeps our systems secure, no matter where they’re accessed from.

Our cloud infrastructure is securely hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), ensuring high resilience and reliability. Our servers are located within the EU and are aligned to follow the GDPR guidelines.

Disaster Recovery – A Top Priority

Our commitment to Disaster Recovery (DR) is evident through our ISO certification, as well as our adherence to SOC2 Type II DR guidelines. We conduct DR exercises twice a year, ensuring our systems are always reliable and robust. Our most recent ISO27001:2022 certification was achieved in September 2023, and our SOC2 attestation was updated in February 2023 with EY, ensuring our information is protected and secured.

Business Continuity Planning – Ready for Anything

We continuously adjust our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to remain aligned with evolving circumstances and shifting challenges. Our proactive approach ensures that we remain well-prepared to support our customers and partners at all times.

Third-Party Risk Management in Times of Crisis

Cyber risks can intensify during times of crisis. At Panorays, we are committed to proactively managing third-party security risks.

How we do it:

  • Third-Party Mapping: Our platform continuously maps our customers’ 3rd, 4th, and Nth parties to ensure comprehensive coverage in assessing potential cybersecurity risks and uncovering blindspots in their digital supply chains.
  • Risk Assessment Questionnaires: Panorays lets security teams manage third-party risks with in-depth cybersecurity assessment questionnaires. Our latest Business Continuity Questionnaire allows third parties to report on their BCP practices, providing complete visibility into any security gaps, as well as changes to their physical location and business operations, that may come up in times of crisis.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Panorays provides 360 Continuous Monitoring of 3rd parties’ attack surfaces, detecting any vulnerabilities and empowering our security teams to respond to emerging threats in real-time.