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Just because financial services is a highly regulated industry doesn’t mean that managing your suppliers needs to be an arduous process. It seems counterintuitive that the same vendors who are supposed to simplify your job and expedite day-to-day processes are also costing you hours, days and months to manage.

The process of onboarding, managing and maintaining compliant suppliers is a challenging one. Failure to do so, however, can have massive repercussions on your business. Panorays is here to uncomplicate vendor security for complicated industries like yours.

How? By eliminating the hassle of third-party security. And we have created a guide specifically for financial services professionals to show you how to get it done. “Financial Services CISOs: How to Automate, Accelerate and Scale Vendor Security Evaluations, Onboarding and Monitoring” provides the guidance you need to make your organization’s third-party security program effective and scalable.

What you will learn in this guide

This guide explains how automation is key for a comprehensive third-party security program. It provides the ability to rapidly scale while considering context, visibility, engagement and collaboration.

Everyone could use some tips when creating or refining their current vendor security program. In that vein, we have also included the exact steps required to get things started. By implementing the right steps, you can take your third-party security program to the next level. 

Lastly, we have included real-life examples of financial institutions who have utilized these strategies to achieve their vendor security goals. 

Panorays can help

Our new guide explains how Panorays automates, accelerates and scales your vendor security evaluation and onboarding process. Additionally, we explain how our platform performs continuous monitoring to ensure your suppliers are in compliance with your internal security controls and industry regulations. Lastly, you will understand how Panorays enables efficiency and agility by using one application to manage your entire third-party security process.

Download the guide today!

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