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Articles by Dov Goldman

Learn about the latest research and happenings in TPSRM
Dov Goldman - VP of Risk Strategy @ Panorays
Dov Goldman
VP of Risk Strategy @ Panorays
Dov is a serial entrepreneur who’s been involved with third-party programs of all sizes, and is the go-to person for explaining the difference between inherent and residual risk.


Dov is a seasoned entrepreneur, navigating the world of startups with finesse. With a knack for breaking down the nuances of third-party risk management, he’s your ultimate guide in explaining inherent versus residual risk. Armed with years of expertise, Dov will untangle the intricacies of risk assessment and demystify the complexities of third-party risk.


Throughout his extensive career as a technology entrepreneur, Dov has emphasized the human dimension of implementing IT systems and the pragmatic necessity of delivering tangible business outcomes. With decades of experience spanning multiple startups, Dov has collaborated closely with cyber and risk leaders across numerous large enterprises, specializing in third-party risk management.

Cybersecurity Authoritativeness

Dov has earned recognition as a thought leader, adept at simplifying intricate problems and their resolutions into easily understandable terms. Regarded as the ‘third-party therapist’ within the industry, Dov possesses an intuitive understanding of the challenges faced by third-party risk leaders. His engaging speaking engagements and insightful written pieces captivate audiences, blending entertainment with informative content.

Dov has written and been quoted about third party cyber risk and privacy in various papers, cybersecurity news publications, websites and resources, including:

Dov has spoken at and chaired numerous industry events, including recently:

Dov has a number of patents to his name, including one for the design of a third-party cyber risk module:


Dov graduated from Columbia University in New York with a degree in Computer Sciences. His time there was more than just academics—it was a transformative period where he honed his skills and immersed himself in tech competitions and workshops. Columbia equipped him not only with technical expertise but also instilled in him a relentless drive for excellence that defines his career.

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