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Supply Chain

Learn about the latest research and happenings in TPSRM
Harnessing AI Safely

Harnessing AI Safely: A CISO’s Strategy For Managing Digital Supply Chains

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is top of mind for enterprise leaders across every business sector and tech giants…
Digital Supply Chain Blind Spots

Uncovering Blind Spots in Your Digital Supply Chain

Although data breach announcements that impact an entire digital supply chain often appear in the headlines, it seems to be difficult to understand how they originally…
Digital Supply Chain

Digital Supply Chain Risk Trends in 2023: A Look Back

Forrester data reveals that 55% of security pros reported their organization experienced an incident or breach involving digital supply chain or third-party providers in the past…
Supply Chain Vulnerability

Minimizing Supply Chain Vulnerability and Third-Party Risk

On February 21, 2021, the U.S. federal government signed an Executive Order…
Digital Supply Chain

Evaluating the Digital Supply Chain for Third-Party Risk

In 2011, an underwater earthquake of 9.0 magnitude struck Japan – one…
Supply chain security

7 Steps to Adopt NCSC’s New Supply Chain…

British Air, the BBC, British pharmaceutical company Boots, and Irish airline Aer…

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