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Panorays Debuts Dark Web Insights for Companies to Be Proactive About Monitoring Criminal Threats to Their Supply Chain
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Panorays Debuts Dark Web Insights for Companies to Be Proactive About Monitoring Criminal Threats to Their Supply Chain

By Yaffa Klugerman Oct 02, 20192 min read

NEW YORK, October 2, 2019 – Panorays, a rapidly growing provider of automated third-party security lifecycle management, today unveiled a security intelligence solution known as Dark Web Insights. The new feature enhances Panorays’ award-winning third-party security management solution and serves as an additional layer of cybersecurity protection.

Using Panorays’ Dark Web Insights, companies can now become proactive about knowing in advance of in-the-wild threats to their supply chain. The evaluator company automatically receives a notification when there is abnormal activity on the Dark Web regarding the third party. 

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The new Dark Web feature checks mentions of a company’s third party on hacker forums and other nefarious marketplaces. It provides the ability to monitor potentially malicious hacker chatter about opportunities to target the third party, sell databases of personal information or take advantage of system weaknesses for financial benefit.

“With the latest rash of misconfigured servers and data leaks, many companies have discovered too late that a significant breach has occurred,” said Noam Maman, VP Product of Panorays. “Many third-party security solutions assess the attack surface of vendors, but do not venture into the Dark Web. With Panorays, companies receive further necessary visibility into the security posture of their third parties.”

About Panorays

Panorays automates third-party security lifecycle management. With the Panorays platform, companies dramatically speed up their third-party security evaluation process and gain continuous visibility while ensuring compliance to regulations such as GDPR and NYDFS. It is the only platform that enables companies to easily view, manage and engage on the security posture of their third parties, vendors, suppliers and business partners. Panorays is a SaaS-based platform, with no installation needed.

Panorays is currently being successfully implemented by client organizations in financial services, healthcare, automotive, technology and retail.

For more information, visit www.panorays.com.

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Yaffa Klugerman

Yaffa Klugerman is Director of Content Marketing at Panorays. She enjoys writing about the cyber world, drinking too many cappuccinos and arguing about the use of serial commas.

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