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Are you charged with managing your organization’s third-party security and find yourself manually sorting through spreadsheets, trying to make heads-or-tails of your suppliers’ security questionnaires? Are you frustrated by the weeks or months it takes to onboard a new vendor? Are you concerned that your organization will be the next victim of an expensive third-party cyberattack? Wondering how you’ll ever be able to scale your vendor security program and how much time and money are being wasted in the process?

Our new guide, “The Business Case for Third-Party Security,” along with our new ROI calculator, can help. In the guide, we discuss how to minimize the time, effort and business costs involved in managing the expanded attack surface which comes as a direct result of utilizing third-party vendors. Our ROI calculator helps you calculate the potential savings for your organizations using Panorays. 

A partial solution is not a solution

Companies work with an average of 583 vendors (Ponemon) and a whopping 83% of organizations have suffered a breach through a third party (Deloitte).. That’s why you need to put a rapid and comprehensive plan in place to protect your company and its assets from vendor security risk—without breaking the bank.

An unknown, incomplete or inaccurate view of supplier risk means one thing—you are more vulnerable to expensive breaches. But you know that. In that vein, perhaps you’re considering implementing an SRS or automated questionnaire solution to get your vendor security up to snuff. Truth be told, many security ratings are not as comprehensive as your organization requires. Is it enough? Perhaps you are also considering an automated questionnaire platform. Great—but it’s not actually taking those ratings from the SRS platform in account. 

There is another piece worth examining. Are either of the above solutions considering the business relationship between you and your vendor? Context is crucial and determines the criticality level of that supplier to your business and should be an integral part of your vendor security management solution.

Panorays can help

Our new guide explains how Panorays’ comprehensive platform integrates dynamic questionnaires, accurate risk ratings and the business context of the vendor relationship to give you a complete picture of third-party security risk. Furthermore, companies that use Panorays reduce the costs of the security questionnaire review process, streamline the vendor onboarding process and support business growth while avoiding an expensive data breach. 

Don’t take our word for it—check out our ROI calculator so you can calculate the potential savings for your organization when using Panorays. You’ll learn how your company can save money and stimulate business growth while avoiding an expensive data breach and protecting your company’s assets.

Download the guide and try our ROI calculator today!

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