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5 Key Benefits of Panorays for Vendors
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5 Key Benefits of Panorays for Vendors

By Hen Amartely Jul 07, 20213 min read

If your organization is like most, business growth is your key driver: You want to grow your customer base, accelerate your sales cycles and increase your revenues. 

If only things were that easy. Vendors selling their products in today’s business environment face multiple obstacles on their way to close a deal. One of them is security assessments, often perceived by companies as business blockers. 

If you ever lost a deal because you failed to demonstrate a strong security posture, or delayed the sales cycle by spending too much time on security questionnaires, you know what we mean. That is why we created Panorays for Vendors, with the goal of helping our vendor community speed up their customers’ third-party security vetting process. 

Here are 5 key benefits that you receive with Panorays for Vendors:

1. Your very own Security Profile 

The Security Profile provides you with full visibility into your company’s cyber posture and specific cyber gaps, identified in Panorays’ external attack surface assessment. With full control over your Security Profile, your team can easily dispute irrelevant assets to avoid privacy and legal consequences and mitigate cyber gaps to improve your rating. You can even benchmark your company’s security posture to an industry range and track your cyber posture rating over time. 

2. Suggested mitigation steps

The power to improve your Security Profile is in your hands, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you along the way. Panorays provides you with a prioritized list of mitigation steps with full information about specific cyber gaps and ways to resolve them. You will be able to maintain a strong security posture by following simple remediation steps recommended by Panorays. If your customers are using Panorays to evaluate your company, you can even get from them a customized remediation plan adjusted to their needs.

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3. Security Passport and questionnaires autocomplete 

Panorays for Vendors includes a Security Passport, which enables you to build and share a security overview with a self-assessment questionnaire and certifications with potential customers. The Security Passport serves as evidence of acceptable vendor security 80% of the time, which results in significantly reducing the sales cycle. It will help your team avoid the tedious task of answering repetitive security questionnaires and receive quick approval from customers. And for the times you’ll still need to complete a questionnaire, our autocomplete feature will make the task easier by suggesting answers based on previous responses. 

4. A single platform 

Stop jumping from one tool to another. Unlike other solution providers, Panorays combines automated, dynamic security questionnaires with external attack surface assessments, providing you with a single place to view and manage all of your customers’ security vetting activities. You can easily answer questionnaires, track the status of remediation plans and even discover new findings in your company’s external attack surface, all from the same platform.  

5. A vendor community

You can receive an invitation to the platform from us or from a Panorays customer and join our vendor community. Once you register to Panorays, you will get access to all of the features and immediately start seeing value for your team and company. 

Want to learn more about Panorays for Vendors and how it can help you save time and accelerate your sales cycle? Register here to get your invitation.

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Hen Amartely

Hen Amartely is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Panorays. She loves messaging, product launches, and referencing Harry Potter on important occasions.

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