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New Guide: Third-Party Incident Response Playbook
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New Guide: Third-Party Incident Response Playbook

By Yaffa Klugerman Jun 29, 20211 min read

Cybercriminals frequently target key suppliers or vendors of a company, rather than the target itself. The reason is because a small company providing a product or service to larger enterprises is often more vulnerable than the primary target. Therefore, it’s easier for cybercriminals to access the target organization’s systems and data via third-party vendors. 

We’ve seen this strategy with recent large-scale supply chain cyberattacks on companies like Microsoft Exchange, Accellion, SolarWinds, Codecov and more. These cyber incidents have caused many CISOs and business owners to speculate if—or when—their companies will be next. These concerns are completely understandable, since the reality is that organizations from every industry are vulnerable to supply chain attacks. Clearly, companies must prepare for the worst.

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What can you do to protect your organization?

Enter The Third-Party Incident Response Playbook, which is meant to give organizations like yours a high-level incident response plan. It delves into why vendor security is imperative for your organization and provides clear and actionable steps to prepare for, respond to and recover from supply chain attacks. 

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What’s inside the playbook?

With the Third-Party Incident Response Playbook, you’ll learn:

  • Why third-party security is critically important
  • How to prepare for a possible supply chain attack
  • How to recognize signs that may indicate a possible third-party cyberattack
  • How to respond and recover from such an incident

With the best practices and strategies in this guide, you will discover the essential steps you should take to protect your organization and create an effective recovery plan. 

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Yaffa Klugerman

Yaffa Klugerman is Director of Content Marketing at Panorays. She enjoys writing about the cyber world, drinking too many cappuccinos and arguing about the use of serial commas.

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