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Panorays Debuts Unique “Human Element” Assessment
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Panorays Debuts Unique “Human Element” Assessment

By Yaffa Klugerman Mar 26, 20193 min read

New Capabilities Expand on its Automated Third-Party Security Management Platform

NEW YORK, March 26, 2019 – Panorays, a rapidly growing provider of automated third-party security management, today announced a unique tool that assesses the human impact on an organization’s security in a non-invasive manner and incorporates it into the cyber posture rating. This “human element” evaluation is one of several new features designed to enhance Panorays’  award-winning third-party security management solution.

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The “human element” evaluation considers factors such as likelihood of employees to be targeted for cyberattacks, presence of company accounts in breach dumps, presence of a dedicated security team, irregular public footprints of company employees and presence of official profiles on social media. Panorays has published its research behind this approach to the human element  in “Employee Attack Likelihood: The Hidden Indicator Nobody Talks About.”

“As a start-up we are always seeking innovative ways to improve and automate this increasingly important area of cybersecurity – third-party management. Our platform is steadily rising against established players in this area, as we continue our mission to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. With Panorays, companies can shorten their third-party security evaluation process by as much as 93 percent, while gaining continuous visibility of both network and human factors and ensuring compliance to regulations such as GDPR and NYDFS,” said Matan Or-El, CEO, Panorays.

New Panorays features also include multiple language support, single-click supplier approval and customized relationship levels.

Streamlining the assessment process and accounting for the global nature of business,  Panorays customers across the globe now have the option to send security inquires in multiple languages, allowing suppliers to complete their security assessments in their native languages. Evaluators will be able to review the questions and answers in English.

Panorays is continuing to make the management of, and engagement with, third parties easier by supporting effective business workflow through enabling evaluators to approve suppliers with just a click.

Evaluators can also now specify a customized relationship level for specific types of suppliers, providing evaluators with visibility of their varied cyber exposure.

About Panorays

Panorays automates third-party security management. The platform enables companies to easily view, manage and engage on the security posture of their third parties, vendors, suppliers and business partners. With the Panorays platform, companies dramatically shorten their third-party security evaluation process and gain continuous visibility while ensuring compliance to regulations such as GDPR and NY DFS. Panorays is a SaaS-based platform, with no installation needed.

Panorays is currently being successfully implemented by client organizations in financial services, healthcare, automotive, technology and retail.

For more information, visit www.panorays.com.

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Yaffa Klugerman

Yaffa Klugerman is Director of Content Marketing at Panorays. She enjoys writing about the cyber world, drinking too many cappuccinos and arguing about the use of serial commas.

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