One Click Automatically Displays Corporate Assets of Third-Party Vendors

NEW YORK, June 18, 2019 – Panorays, a rapidly growing provider of automated third-party security lifecycle management, has announced the availability of two new tools to automatically discover third- to nth-party suppliers and to locate digital assets globally.

Panorays’ auto nth-party discovery tool enables companies to uncover supply chain relationships with just one click. At one company with hundreds of suppliers, Panorays discovered an additional 5% that the company was not aware of. Additionally, this tool gives companies in-depth insight into possible security issues within the supply chain that could be remedied before cybercriminals take advantage of any security holes.

It is critical for companies to discover all third-party to nth-party vendors rendering on their website. Understanding the supply chain and discovering all the vendors a company is doing business with is the first step towards implementing a digital vendor risk management plan. Mitigating risk also enables companies to comply with new digital privacy regulations. New research by Panorays demonstrates that there is a direct correlation between the cybersecurity posture of the third party and its fourth parties.

Asset geolocation is another new tool designed to enhance Panorays’ third-party security management solution. With this new tool, users can see the distribution of assets around the globe and sort by location, asset type and status. IP geolocations are shown on an interactive map. With different data privacy regulations worldwide, companies can adjust their digital assets to adhere to these regulations and ensure compliance, depending on their location.

Noam Maman, VP of Product for Panorays explains, “As companies adopt more and more SaaS apps, these new features give companies even better control over their third- and fourth-party vendors. With data privacy regulations such as the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation and California’s new data privacy legislation, companies need to know which suppliers they work with and what data they share with them. Ensuring and proving that all reasonable steps are taken to secure consumer data will go a long way towards mitigating a company’s liability should a breach occur.”

About Panorays

Panorays automates third-party security lifecycle management. With the Panorays platform, companies dramatically shorten their third-party security evaluation process and gain continuous visibility while ensuring compliance to regulations such as GDPR and NYDFS. It is the only platform that enables companies to easily view, manage and engage on the security posture of their third parties, vendors, suppliers and business partners. Panorays is a SaaS-based platform, with no installation needed.

Panorays is successfully used by client organizations in financial services, technology, automotive and retail.

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