NEW YORK, July 2, 2024 — Panorays, a leader in third-party cybersecurity risk management, today announced its partnership with Pittsford, NY based IGI Cybersecurity (IGI) a provider of cybersecurity services focused on individualized business strategy and enterprise-wide expertise,to provide the Panorays platform embedded as part of a new managed service offering, Vendor Secure™, in addition to enhancing their current CISO Team-as-a-Service (CISOTaaS™) program.

“We’re honored to be IGI’s cybersecurity partner for third-party cyber risk management. There is enormous potential in the market for third-party security packaged as a managed service. The Panorays Platform, when embedded into a comprehensive service offering, allows our partners to close the gap and address any issue whether it starts within the company itself or in the supply chain.  We are excited to partner with a proven industry leader like IGI,” said Devin Archer, Senior Director of Channel Sales at Panorays.

IGI specializes in delivering the combination of people and technology in cybersecurity solutions to provide personalized and resilient cyber defense strategies. Their comprehensive suite of services includes CISOTaaS™, penetration testing, security assessments, compliance readiness, and more, all tailored to address each organization’s unique business challenges. With third-party risk management already a component of their CISOTaaS™ offering, the addition of the Panorays platform enhances insights and scalability, further strengthening IGI’s ability to provide advanced and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to their clients.

“We are excited about our partnership with Panorays and how this adds another key security solution to our arsenal, enhancing our third-party risk management capabilities,” said Andrew Hoyen, President/COO of IGI. “Integrating the Panorays platform into our offerings enables us to deliver even more robust defense strategies that directly address the evolving needs of our clients in this critical area. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing reliable, efficient cybersecurity solutions that strengthen our clients’ overall security posture and empower them.”

About Panorays

Panorays is a global provider of third-party cybersecurity management software. Adopted by leading banking, insurance, financial services, and healthcare organizations, Panorays enables businesses to optimize their defenses for each unique third-party relationship. With personalized and adaptive third-party cyber risk management, Panorays helps businesses stay ahead of emerging threats and delivers actionable remediations with strategic advantages. The company serves enterprise and mid-market customers primarily in North America, the UK and the EU, Headquartered in New York and Israel, with offices around the world, Panorays is funded by numerous international investors, including Aleph VC, Oak HC/FT, Greenfield Partners, BlueRed Partners (Singapore), StepStone Group, Moneta VC, Imperva Co-Founder Amichai Shulman and former CEO of Palo Alto Networks Lane Bess. Visit us at

About IGI Cybersecurity

Headquartered in Pittsford, NY, with a remote workforce spanning the United States, IGI Cybersecurity (IGI) delivers technology and people-driven cybersecurity for personalized, resilient cyber defense focused on individualized business strategy, enterprise-wide expertise, and unshakeable partnership. IGI CyberLabs, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IGI, is the OEM of the Nodeware® vulnerability management solution, an award-winning SaaS platform that continuously scans networks to identify critical vulnerabilities. Learn more at